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Nine Types of Intelligence Fueling All Human Reasoning in Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardiner

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Concluding his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardiner determined that nine types of intelligence fuel all human reasoning. When faced with a challenge, academically or socially, I innately rely on two intelligences to tackle the problem: linguistic and logical- mathematical intelligence. Although they are sometimes viewed as ostensibly opposite forces, the numerical and the romantic elements of my brain fuse in perfect harmony. Pursuing a Tepper education is not based on a whim or a hope; rather, it is the culmination of the two parts of my brain connecting with Carnegie Mellon's emphasis on combining management and liberal arts.

My interest in finance began at a young age, as I constantly imagined that my Monopoly earnings would become real. However, commerce often fails to intrigue many of today's youth, thus leading to an increasing unfamiliarity with finance. Guiding my steps to the DECA podium, I developed a successful program to promote not only textbook literacy but also financial literacy to society's future. Developing a plan to implement child-friendly bank accounts, I introduced Generation Z to responsible fiscal thinking.

Teaching people to become independent remains the best method to secure a successful future for all, and the Tepper Business School will allow me to continue my pursuits. By allowing me to craft a custom-tailored education, Carnegie Mellon will enable me to understand all the elements that surround a strong financial thinker. Tepper's abundant opportunities would provide me with the ability to study material that intrigues me.

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For example, Carnegie Mellon's unmatched Computational Finance Major would allow me to bolster my business education with powerful tools through the integration of high-level mathematics and finance. If I walk around campus with my favorite book, Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns, the lessons learned would remain in my arms. I want to pass it to others to stimulate a domino effect of success.

Studying abroad has already played an important role in my life. I read about Dover Castle in my world history textbook, but I did not truly understand its importance until I toured the magnificent structure in England. I researched the holding facilities during the Holocaust in France, but I only truly felt the impact after I visited the Drancy internment camp. My goal in life is not just to understand American management, for there is no such thing. Tepper's study abroad program will allow me to master the world of management.

At Carnegie Mellon, I imagine myself studying abroad in Nancy, France because Tepper's emphasis on studying abroad will allow me to combine my love for French with my passion for finance while making academic progress towards a Tepper degree. Carnegie Mellon's exclusive partnership with ICN Business School provides an outstanding experience to synthesize finance with a global education. The marriage of the universal and romance languages will mold me into a leading problem-solver and businessman.

All my edges and curves fit perfectly into the Tepper puzzle because the Tepper philosophy embodies my thought process.

Although mathematics is the universal language, it does not promote communication. Carnegie Mellon will allow me to put words to the numbers. Whether I say the words in English, French, or another language, the human element will remain ever-present. A child learns to count to ten and spell the alphabet concurrently. Carnegie Mellon will allow me to continue that pattern of simultaneous learning. In doing so, all aspects of my brain will be sated.

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