Rules and Regulations for Employees of Gucci Stores

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This is part of the handbook which every employee and employer should act upon. You must respect other coworkers, as you would want to be respected, if there is respect within the workforces' employees will be able to succeed. Bullying or any sort of harassment on the work floor will be tolerated and If anything does happen It will be taken to the employer to be dealt Walt IT an employee Tails to conclave tense rules Ana regulations tenure wall consequences such as wage cuts or firing. The take home message for this company: Treat your co-workers with respect and you will get the same response.

Trade Unions: Trade unions are an association that has been organized for certain types of trade, they aim to achieve goals that help employees within their Jobs. Trade unions can be very useful for certain situations for example if workers are working in unsanitary places as they will help deal with the problems. Within this company employees are able to be apart of a union although unions may only be contacted after a matter has gone through the management team and employers, if the employee is still unhappy ND unsatisfied after a informal hearing they will be able to bring the unions in to help with the matter.

If the problem is very slight there will be no need for unions to become involved and will not be accepted within the work place. Management of the labor market. Recruitment and selection. Recruitment and selection are the steps of which the company has to take in order to hire an employees. This is a very crucial part to an organization because if the wrong person is hired the Job will not be done properly and it could be very bad for the organization. The process of recruitment and selection can be very long or short, this is determined by different organizations needs and wants.

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Recruitment is when the company decides what skills the candidate needs and what area of expertise they will need to have experience in. Recruitment can be within the company or outside of the company depending on the specifics of the Job. It then goes on to the selection process, which starts with advertising the position needed, and then people will be able to send their C.v. to the company. This company has a long recruitment and selection process, which people can apply wise a year. The process is a few weeks long to enable that the right people are working.

First there is a group interview with around 5-10 people, this is where some activities are given for the candidates to work together as a group and to present to the HER managers. After the first interview some of the candidates will be picked to proceed to the second interview, which is one on one. After the two interviews the managers have in mind whom they want to employ therefore they allow them to have a trial shift on the shop floor for the day to see how they work with customers. If the trial shift goes well they are able to start their Job on probation.

Strategic HARM Strategic HARM is a very important feature for any company; it is the process of keeping everything on the right path and to achieve everyone's needs and wants of the employees and employers. By achieving goals like these, it helps how the employees work Ana now teeny Decode more stressful . For a Dustless to work appropriately they need to have a good strategic human resource management and be open for changes in the future to accommodate needs. All forces such as political, ultra and economic are put into account as well as organizational structures to keep the company running efficiently.

Our aim is to have the employees continuously doing good quality work and the company will be willing to train those in areas of need in order to have best results. All employees are encouraged to put input into the work place and to work well as groups in order to get things done quickly and efficiently. The better the employees are able to work together the more productivity will be seen. Work Life Balance: Work life balance is very important within a company and all the employees to enable hat Jobs are done appropriately and up to good standards.

Work life balance means that the employees life is balanced with personal aspects as well as working for the company. Everyone who is working needs to have a good workflow balance to be able to stay healthy mentally and physically. Over the past decade within the UK there have been polices introduced towards work life balance as a result these need to be followed under any circumstances. As an organization it is very beneficial to have a good work life balance for employees, employers and even customers.

Therefore we have a policy for flexible working hours if an employee needs time off or to change a shift, the line managers or supervisors will always take into account the employees needs and wants and try and apply them to the work. Maternity and paternity leave will be given to those employees who need it, we ask nicely for them to inform the managers 3 months into the pregnancy to enable they get the right amount of time off, for leave as well as doctors appointments etc. UK Labor Laws: The UK employment laws state that employees are not allowed to work over 48 hours ere week.

Within this company employees will be working an average of 40 hours per week with paid overtime if needed. Part-Time employees will work on average 20 hours per week. As for wages and bonus', every starting employee will be on probation for 3 months, within this time they are unable to use the tills. During these 3 months the employee will be closely supervised by a line manager and after the 3 months is over the employee will be able to run item through the till and also receive the staff/family discounts. The starting rate of working at this facility is E. 0 ere hour, after probation has been completed and if the employee manages to succeed over IOW of selling the products for 2 months, the wages will raise toe per hour. All employees will receive additional pay when they have sold a certain amount of items on the shop floor. If there are any discipline and grievance issues within the company, they will be taken to the line managers immediately to get resolved, anyone whom has an issue with another coworker will need to write an formal complaint in order for the process to De sorted.

Dullness Is a very Important aspect Walton tons company Ana will De alt with in an informal manner until the problem has become worse. Tardiness within the work place will not be accepted and any late-comers will be penalized. Developing the organization There are many factors that are used to enable development of the employees and business, from rewarding the employees to giving them more training opportunities.

CUP One of the main features would be CUP which is Continuous Progress Development, this means that those who have been in the organization for a certain amount of time may want or be entitled to having more training or learning new aspects of the equines to widen their knowledge and understanding of the organization. Morale and Motivation: Morale within the work place is very vital to for employees to be doing a good Job, by having morale means that all employees are enthusiastic about what they're doing as well as being happy about it.

By having morale within the work place it means that the employees will work better as a team and any type of conflict (discipline and/or grievance) will be solved effectively. Motivation within the work place is the employees desire to work well and to get the Job done well. Motivation is also a very important aspect in the work place, it facilitates for better work and working environments by either rewarding, incentives and leadership. Having a motivated work force will ensure better results in the work.

Reward Management: Reward management is used to give to employees after they have done a good Job of something. By telling the employees prior to the rewards they are able to work their hardest in order to receive them. This sort of management is very good as it gives the employees something to work for and to look forward to Also, in order for all the employees to be working hard there is a reward system that occurs within the team. Conclusion: This handbook is very important for all employees and employers to read and absorb the information given.

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