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Break Room Rules and Regulations

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In our effort to give more comfort to our employers, we are presenting this new break room that can be used by every employee during their lunch time or other free times. To be able to maintain its cleanliness and orderliness, we make some guidelines on using it. This memo contains the rules and regulation on using the said room.

1. This room is made for all the employees only. Inviting some guests or visitors is discouraged.

2. Please be reminded that you are not alone in this room. Doing something that may disturb other employees is strictly prohibited.

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3. Smoking is prohibited because it may affect the health of others.

4. Posting a note on the wall is prohibited. There will be a place provided to you to put your note.

5. Be sure to clean up all the food wrappers, tissues, dirty dishes every time you finish your meal.

Please be reminded that there are some employees that will use the room after you.

6. The refrigerator is for food storage only. Storing things, except for food, is strictly prohibited.

7. Please use garbage cans to avoid dirty environment. This will make the room more pleasant in the eyes of every employee.

Violators of these rules are subjected to any punishments according to what intense of the violation made. These rules and regulations are open for suggestion and any comments.


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