Romance in the Workplace

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Failed romances in the workplace may sometimes lead to sexual harassment charges which could result in potential negative effect on the public image of the company, expensive legal battles, and possible settlements. Personal relationships between co-workers could also impede productivity and performance. An employee could also develop a conflict of interest with the company due to his or her romantic involvement with a co-worker. For instance, he or she may put the interest of his or her significant other ahead of the company’s best interests which can hurt the company as a result.

For companies like Springfield Manufacturing Corporation, they believe that a work environment that encourages dating among employees can help the employees to balance their personal and professional lives (Deisenhouse, 1996). Many companies also believe that when employees are free to develop personal relationships, they become more productive. In addition, anti-dating policies may shy away desirable job candidates and choose not to work in the firm as these policies are an implication of freedom limitation.

I believe that banning coworker dating is overly restrictive as it limits personal freedom and human rights. When the company uses the possible detrimental effects of dating in the workplace (e. g. , charges of sexual harassment, reduction of productivity, etc. ) as the reason for dating to be banned, I think the company is just making excuses so that it (company) would be free from problems that may arise as a result of allowing dating in the workplace. Companies that enforce anti-dating policies should consider the dating policies implemented in DuPont and Apple Computers.

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Although both of these companies allow dating, they required the employees to inform the company if their personal relationship could have adverse effects on the company’s business operations. In this way, the employee would be able to work with management and find a way to alter the work relationship of the employees involved (Jenner, 1993). The ways adopted by these companies show that problems that may possibly arise from coworker dating could be prevented. Since there are ways to prevent the problems it could cause the company, I stand by my opinion of banning coworker dating as an overly restrictive policy.

New Components in the Electronic Business First, the company needs to determine where the new manufacturing department would be located. This would be followed by the projection of costs of adding an entire manufacturing department that is capable of meeting the large demand of the US Department of Defense. The company has to project the cost of building the new production department which includes the office building, the machineries, tools, and materials needed. The number of employees to be recruited for the new department should also be considered.

The company also has to determine the manner of recruitment—would the company hire the services of a recruitment firm or would they find the means to recruit by themselves? Then, the cost of hiring new employees and the cost of their salaries for the whole year should also be forecasted. (2) If I were Beth Ann, I would recommend that the company should hire outside consultants to help the company devise an affirmative action program. I would exhaust every possible source to find the right people.

This involves considering all people who can do the job and have the necessary qualifications (e. g. , technical knowledge necessary to do the job) regardless of their race, age, and sex. If the job can be done by people with a disability, they should also be included in selecting potential candidates for the position. Hiring the services of employment agencies in nearby cities and surrounding towns and advertising in regional vocational-technical schools would be of much help to the company to hasten the recruitment process.

For the supervisory positions, I would ask the current employees interested in the job to apply for the position. I would also make the position open for outsiders as well who possess the necessary qualifications so as not to miss the opportunity to hire the best employees who can greatly contribute to the company. Hiring the services of a good recruitment firm would help the company to hasten the recruitment process. However, the company should still participate in the recruitment process. First, the company should hire supervisors for the new plant.

Possible candidates from outside would be selected with the help of the recruitment firm and would be interviewed by recruitment specialists of the firm. The current employees interested in the position would also be interviewed by recruitment specialists of the company. A final interview should be conducted by the current manufacturing department head. When the company is done with the hiring of supervisors, the company can start recruiting employees who will be part of the new manufacturing department. The same hiring process used in recruiting supervisors would be employed.

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