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My Chemical Romance.

My Chemical Romance. Gerard, Mikey and Frank all had drug problems. Mikey and Gerard, on top of that had alcohol problems.

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They got themselves better. They knew no one else could help them. What encouraged them to get better? Themselves, and the music. Ray had the absolutely awful job of having to watch them go through all of this, on top of him trying to be the perfect guitarist. Frank would do drugs over the weekend, and wake up on Monday not knowing anything that had happened. Mikey felt depressed alongside Gerard, and before shows they would heavily drink together to try and relieve the stress. I’m gonna get better. ” – Gerard Way. Gerard had attempted suicide, which is not the place anyone wants to be. He called up his manager, Brian, and told him. Came out to him about everything, the drinking; the drugs; and how he has a problem. Brian had to talk him out of suicide while on the complete other side of the world to Gerard, until Gerard woke up the tour manager and they spoke together, until Gerard passed out. Ray was probably first to let Gerard know he had a bad, bad problem. Ray told him he needed help, and within 17 days of Gerard understanding that, he got sober again.

The band had saved his life. The band had saved Frank Iero’s life. Frank LIVES for the music, and nothing else. It’s the music that keeps him alive. Mikey hit depression during The Black Parade, and had to leave the band for a while, so he could get better, and play the music once again with 3 of his best friends. The band inspired Mikey to get better. The band saved his life. Ray seriously went through so much, and he would still be either trying to make music in small, unknown bands to make himself happy. But he has My Chemical Romance. God only knows the path Ray might have taken if Gerard idn’t call him up to be in the band. The band saved Rays life. My Chemical Romance are my idols because they’re such caring, and inspirational men. They care about the music, each other, and safety of their fans. Do you think they’d have gotten themselves better if they were just in it for the money? If none of the music ment anything to any of them, but they just wanted money, like some bands today? No, they wouldn’t. They’d have carried on drinking and doing drugs until they would take an even more serious and critical condition, and probably die. Thank you My Chemical Romance for being my idols and inspiring me.