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Time And Romance Essay

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In his sonnets, poet and playwright William Shakespeare creates a romantic tone when describing how romantic relationships are affected over time. Vivian Tiller’s article “Is love really Blind? ” provides research to suggest that romantic relationships are affected over time because people tend to lose physical attraction to their mate. After reading both Shakespearean and Deedless works one can conclude that time has a negative effect on love because people’s feelings change about their mate overtime.

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One of the ideas of time that and Shakespeare presents is Love is not really love if it changes. In Sonnet 1 16, lines 2-4 Shakespeare states, “love IS not love which alters when it alteration finds”. This quote means Love is not really love when the supposed feelings Of love from one or both partners change . This has to do with time because in most relationships love changes overtime. One of the ideas that Dilled presents is physical attraction impacts relationship satisfaction.

In paragraph number 7, Dilled states, “By asking peoples at various stages of relationships how they feel about their partner’s appearance, we learn a lot about underpinnings of physical attraction, an ingredient that clearly bonds men and women, but one that relationship experts rarely study’. Dilled utilizes statistics to gain a better outlook on the topic. Additionally, Dilled uses Data from the people she interviewed. Shakespearean outlook regarding love is positive but, Dilled views love by statistics and people’s personal experiences which are mostly negative.

In a nutshell, Shakespeare and Dilled have Different opinions of love. Shakespeare views love based on his personal experiences, On the other hand, Dilled uses statistics and data to formulate her opinion on love. Shakespeare and Dilled are two of the many people in the world with contrasting opinions on the subject on love. Based on their theories ,a question comes to mind, is love born of the heart destined to last forever or perhaps its subject to change as the day is to the night?

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