Road Safety Argumentative Essay

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Nowadays, the movement of vehicular traffic on road is increasing day by day. Every year thousands of people die in road accidents due to their or others fault. Consequently, there is a growing concern for road safety and thrust upon the knowledge of traffic rules in civic life. Ignorance of traffic rules and their non-observance results into accidents, fatal injuries or permanent physical disabilities, loss of life and damage of properties.

To prevent it, there is a need to generate awareness about traffic norms and their observance at mass level. The rules of road are hard and fast and cannot be broken without danger to life or limb. While on road, we must always look ahead and judge the speed of traffic and the timings of traffic lights. Accidents occur if we are unmindful of the other users of the road. We should always keep a close watch on other road users especially pedestrians as they move slowly.

We must maintain adequate distance from vehicle ahead of us. We must drive our vehicles at specified speeds. At higher speed, the stopping distance exceeds the visual distance and therefore, it causes accidents. We should avoid sudden use of breaks, as it is risky. The best way to stop quickly is to drive slowly or to keep speeds under control. We should always keep a safe distance from large and heavy vehicles. In case, our vehicle comes between large vehicles there is a like hood of our vehicle being crushed.

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Since long vehicles cover more space, we must not be on its either right or left side when it is taking a turn. We must not over take vehicles as it may lead to an accident. We must follow the traffic signals as they assure us safety. There are three signals- red light, yellow light and green light. The red light indicates that we should stop. The yellow light indicates we should wait for green signal and the green signal indicates that we should start going.

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