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My Road to Success Essay

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My Road to Success Many people believe that natural ability is of pivotal importance for success while others argue that hard work is the key factor. However, the person, who has a gift of ability but lack of experience gains from hard-working, may not succeed. In my opinion hard work is still more important as it helps us to attain the higher levels than what lazy individuals with special ability can have. Natural ability does benefit us a lot in order to achieve success in life.

Individuals, whose special abilities, do not have to study much to have essential skills that are needed for their success. For example, math geniuses are able to do math problems easily at school without spending much time doing homework. People who have acute intelligence in the business field can drive their firms to gain more profits while others have to struggle to get out of debts. Obviously, natural ability facilitates our ways to success while we do not have to suffer much.

However, in order to attain success, hard work is still much more important. As skills can be learned, through hard work, we are possibly able to gain new essential skills that we are not born with. For example, behind the success of famous reporters, they have to spend hours of practicing to communicate. The more they practice, the more influent they talk and as a result, they can convey their ideas at ease on television. Moreover, mere natural ability cannot guarantee us success.

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My Road to Success Essay

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If a person has exceptional ability but is always lazy and reluctant to work, his ability is likely not to be discovered and remains meaningless. On the other hand, people who always strive for new things are able to be exposed to new opportunities, which can drive them to more success. In short, though natural ability can facilitate us a lot, hard work is always the most crucial part to success. If we work diligently, we not only have new skills but also have more opportunities to achieve success in life.

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