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Essay on Road Safety

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Road Safety is essential in our daily life. Thus to observe the traffic rules is an important activity to ensure road safety. Road safety should first of all begin at home by teaching and instructing children about the traffic rules with some good hints on the do‘s and dont‘s. Children should also be taught the highway code and advised to follow them strictly. Hence safety rules is everybody‘s business. Statistics has time and again shown that a great proportion of the people involved in road accidents are school children.

It cannot be denied therefore that improper education is one of the major causes of accidents. There are cases where accident are caused by children running across the road without much attention, crossing behind parked vehicle, cycling two or three abreast carrying pillion riders, alighting from moving buses and cycling without due care. Therefore, they should be thought the important the road safety both at home and in schools. Exhibitions by the schools and demonstrations by the police authorities can do much in instilling in the children in a greater awareness of the dangers on the roads.

As for the drivers on the road, they should always concentrate and study the situation ahead. It is very important that they anticipate road movements. They should drive safely showing consideration for others road users. The drives of heavy vehicles especially, should exercise greater consideration for those of smaller vehicles. Motorist and taxi- drivers should not exceed the speed limits and should always think of the safety of the passengers. A good driver should also know how to assess the speed and the distance of the oncoming traffic.

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Dangerous of overtaking has been cited as one of the major causes of road accidents. Drives in their enthusiasm or impatience overtakes other vehicles and end up in the head-on collision with other oncoming vehicles. Drives should always exercise caution and show more road sense. Motorcyclist should always wear safety helmet for their own safety. They should remember that prevention is better than cure. The government on their part should distribute pamphlets which warn and instill fear in road-users who are careless and inconsiderate.

Posters in ivid pictorial terms which tell of the dangers and the consequences of careless reckless driving should also be imposed to act as deterrents to negligent driving. Unroadworthy vehicles such as vehicles whish are very old and in state of despair, vehicles which do not be allowed on the road until the defects are corrected. Finally all roads until the defects are reflectors should not be allowed on the roads until the defects are corrected. Finally all road-users should cultivate the virtues of consideration, tolerate, patience, caution and a respect for the highway code for everybody‘s benefit

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