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Safe Driving

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Everything happening oh so fast; from getting in the car to seeing the black escalade ram through our car. With the thought of “im dead” then everything going pitch black, everything seemed meaningless. Accidents factor in more than just impaired driving and icy roads. The drivers’ condition along with their responsibilities is the reason Peggy will never walk again.

Drivers need to stay sharp and aware on the road, and judging from the story ken did not seem to follow this. Even if you pay full attention, the danger of others is always on the road. As careful as you are other drivers mistakes are inevitable. In the story it says he rolled up his sleeves, even though it isn’t much; its still a sign of him compromising Peggy’s safety. Even if you take all precautions and stay aware of the road; you can’t always keep track of the always changing road conditions.

Safety is key for driving, but there are many complications on the road. It’s not always the road that complicates your safety; in the story it refers to Peggy wanting to visit the liquor store. Impaired driving injures someone ever other minute; with 16,000 deaths a year. Alcohol could’ve been a factor of why ken crashed, or it could’ve been a health issue. Peggy speculated he had a stroke or something at the wheel. Another safety violation occurred in the story; says he has only hand on the wheel. Again, it’s not much but it could’ve aided to the accident.

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Even if the accident wasn’t within kens control, he is still responsible for it. Drivers are responsible for just about everything that happens to it and in the car. Ken took the wheel; as long with Peggy’s mobility. Other people on the road are highly unpredictable, but that doesn’t change the fact your responsible for your own.

In the end, it truly is Kens fault for paralyzing Peggy. Many things factor into an accident; but I think the main reason were his awareness for the road and lack of safe driving. It may have been Peggy’s choice to get in the car; but its clearly Kens fault for the crash. I feel people take driving to lightly, its one of the most dangerous methods of travel. People need to be more cautious.

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