Quota System in Bangladesh

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Introduction: Quota System/Policy is a hiring policy, where a specified number or percentages of specific group members are to be hired. In Bangladesh every government jobs are enriched with the quota system. Different types of quota are available in both cadre and non-cadre class I & II jobs. The persons are selected for government jobs either from merit basis or district basis. Quota system was introduced in the government service by an executive order in 1972, where 45% are reserved on merit, rest 55% is distributed as 30% for children of freedom fighters, 10% for women, 10% for districts and 5% for indigenous people.

Recruitment into different Cadres of the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is in accordance with the provisions of this rule. No direct appointment can be given in BCS Cadre Service without the recommendation of the Public Service Commission, and examinations are held (both written & viva-voce). The purpose of this quota system is to equally develop the country but whenever we compromise the selection at the highest level of government service through quota implies the negative impact on the improvement of governance.

From the perspective of Human Resource Management, Quota System never be a good selection tools because it discriminates the humans. Whenever we are going for any quota system which will must hide to select right people at right place at right time. [pic] To run any sector whether it is public or private people play a prime role which start from manpower planning. In figure-1 it is assumed that the recruitment & selection process is quota-free and hence entirely depends on merit.

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Therefore we would get a fair competition and as such we would obtain best fit for the organization. In long run, as they are fairly and merit-based selected, they would be more inspired, motivated, pro-active, result-oriented and careerist. At the end there would more possibility of nurture of talent, otherwise retain of talent would be impossible. Besides, the quota-free selection ensures Equal Employment Opportunity. In the contrast, in Fig. it has been assumed that, the selection process is quota based, ie, we have to fill-up quota rather than selection right fit leading to non-compliance of Equal Employment Opportunity. These employees would be, no doubt, less motivated, inspired and re-active. Therefore there would be possibility by the management to exploit them rather nurture, because retain of such employees are not a big deal as they are not careerist, result-oriented. ----------------------- Figure 1: HR Tier In Terms of Talent Management Figure 2: Impact of Quota In HR

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