Promotional Mix: Public Relations Campaign

Last Updated: 24 Jul 2019
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To stimulate PB awareness by participating with Make a Wish Foundation by donating a portion of sales from the PB holiday accessories line. Budget
The PB holiday (value) line donations for the Make a Wish Foundation will be supported by a budget of $500,000 in the month of November and December from the total allotted $5 million per month marketing budget. Estimated costs are minimal as they will be included in a small card mailer each month and as an online pop-up with the web promotion.

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Message strategy

To promote donations and funding for the Make a Wish Foundation and raise local and national awareness for PB to support community engagement. The Make a Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. It is Pottery Barn’s hope to raise $500,000 for the organization in 2013 through companywide involvement in donations from staff, customers and sales of the holiday line. Media plan

The Sales reports will be reviewed weekly to ensure the target of $500,000 is progressing as hoped. The purpose is aid the Make a Wish Foundation and to widen the reach of PB to its consumers by adding a personal level to the organization. Offering employees a monthly payroll deduction with matching incentive from the organization, a 10% proceed from the holiday line sales, and customer donations the entire PB family will have the opportunity to give back to their community this holiday season. The web banner promotion running on the Frontgate, Better Homes and Gardens will accompany a Make a Wish/ PB cobranded pop-up allowing shoppers to donate immediately and at the time of check out.

The Make a Wish Foundation ad will run the same timep as the holiday line, November 1st through December 24th, purchases over $50 will still featuring the free gift offer. User profile information on social networking sites will be utilized to target and align with the PB consumer profile. The value promotion will be reviewed weekly and broken down into daily sales for each product in the value line, financial contributions will be tracked to total sales from the holiday (value) line. Donation goals will be set in place each week by location and by sales staff member, including web traffic.

Additional commissions will be paid to associates, including designers that cross sell holiday product in their design sessions that meet and exceed their sales goals directly related to the holiday (value) line. It will be important to track leads from each online source using tracking software, Facebook ad audience profiles, following pay per click metadata, print ads, etc. to review electronic profiles of consumers online. Integrating PB rewards using the consumers email at checkout and providing electronic receipts will also allow further access to better defining successful community campaigns in the future.

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