Medical Tourism Promotional Action Plan

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Promotional Action Plan Medical Tourism Marvin Wilcox Saint Leo University Our marketing plan for 2013 will focus on several mediums that are aimed at providing detailed information on the company and services provided, reaching new targets and offering incentives to previous clients and maximizing exposure. Five venues were chosen to take full advantage of our budget of $100,000 . The following is a synopsis of each venue: 1. Building a website 2. YouTube videos 3. Social Media 4. Mass Mailing 5. Local Business Networking with Ambassador

Action Plan #1 * Action Item:A fully functioning professional website based in the U. S with search engine optimizing (SEO) at a cost of $25,000 to be implemented March 1, 2013. * Objective:With 87% of travelers using the internet for a bulk of their travel planning, medical tourism needs to take advantage of this opportunity to capture consumer attention. Increasing our search engine optimization (SEO) makes it more likely that someone will find your business online. This will be our broadest advertising measure targeting that 87%. Description:Our website will be equipped with a language translator with languages relevant to the geographic chosen. The website will present a strong brand by stating who we are, why we are better and the quickest means of contact. It will also present testimonials to provide credibility and build familiarity and trust based relationships. * Target Market:250 million underinsured Americans and the 20% of 250 million Americans that have pre-existing conditions. in addition to the 750,000 Americans that already travel abroad for medical and dental services.

Also the 38% of Americans that is open to health care abroad. * Metric:For the first 90 days of the website, we expect further inquiries of 35% of all site visitors, 50% registration to a free monthly newsletter and 68% of those visiting partnered tourism sites to be redirected. Action Plan #2 * Action Item:Monthly uploads to YouTube beginning March 1, 2013 in support of the official website. The service is currently free of charge. * Objective:To convey credibility through video testimonials consisting of 3-5 min in length.

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To present information about tourism, the forgotten half of medical tourism and to create familiarity and confidence through a personal connection. * Description:The videos will show satisfied and happy clients reporting the variance in cost between domestic and international medical procedures and how the money saved can be used towards vacationing in the same locale. Also, the videos will contain information about destinations, things to do, restaurants and attraction to enjoy the full experience of being abroad. Target Market: The 92% of consumers around the world that say they trust recommendations from family and friends above all other forms of advertising. The 85% of 30- to 50-year-olds and 51% of 65- 75-year-olds that are active social media users. * Metric:The method will be proven successful if we receive booking from 20% of the viewers. Another measure is for 65% of the viewing public follow the link to the official website and 50% of that number result in hard inquires, bookings or subscribers to the newsletter. Action Plan #3 Action Item:We will engagement potential clients on a personal level via Skype. The service will cost $168 for one year of unlimited international use. * Objective:To make potential customers feel they are receiving individualized and attentive care by a brand they can trust before they even step a foot in a hospital. Also, it is important to us to strengthen relationships and trust. This will provide a light consultation with professional to provide answers and resources for some the most frequently asked questions. Description:This medium provides presence or the availability and willingness of our professional to communicate. We will use it for high quality of voice and especially for its free PC to PC service. Other supporting features include video conferencing, SMS, voicemail, long distance conferencing and inexpensive calls during travel. * Target Market: There are 500 million Skype users worldwide with 40 million users logged on during peak hours. Our target market are generally individuals between 45-65 who have a medical need for surgery and are looking to save money by travelling abroad.

The secondary target is those that request a face to face question and answer session via Skype and have been redirected by our website. * Metric:Optimization will be recognized when 25% of site visitors and 5% of peak users request a professional consult session and of that number a minimum of 25% booking. Action Plan #4 * Action Item:Our firm will engage in local business networking with ambassadors. This service requires hiring two individuals specializing in international tourism and medical administration at a total of $75,000 per year. Objective:To facilitate procurement of visas, booking travel and airport pick up and drop off. We also wish to broker consultations with professionals, accommodate for post-operative recuperation and arrange travel insurance. * Description:Our ambassadors will be responsible for networking with travel agencies, medical and dental professionals and insurance companies. They will act as liaisons on behalf of the firm to foster relationships with supporting organizations. Their main goal is to streamline the process of informing and preparing a client for participation in our program.

They will also develop a working relationship with local medical professionals for redirection of the underinsured. * Target Market: There are 2466 travel agencies in Virginia available for a mutually beneficial cooperation of professionals. Also, healthcare providers seeking to lower costs by 80%-90% in India or 50%-70% in the middle-east. * Metric:Realization of our efforts acceptable when sales from networking opportunities for the period of one year reach 6 times the cost of the action item. Action Plan #5 Action Item:We will run a direct mailing campaign with promotional rewards for referrals and a budget of $1500 to begin March 15, 2013. * Objective:We will attract customers by introducing our company, informing the public of our products and services, generate customer loyalty and make sales. Offer invitations to visit a local office, official website or webinar of our firm. Finally, we will offer discounts on first time bookings and referrals. * Description:Our firm will conduct our direct mailing through USPS.

The main visual content will be of a popular Asian or Middle-Eastern vacation resort and a medical professional in uniform. We will offer a message of physical recovery in peaceful fun surroundings. The emphasis of the material will focus more on the vacation aspect than the medical procedures therefore inscriptions referencing entertainment and amenities will be larger than those concerning medical practices. Also, the material will include a picture of a group of Westerners (Americans and Europeans) in ordinary middle class attire to symbolize the affordability of our products and services. Target Market: Primary for this venue will be ordinary working Americans with a median income of $60,000 yearly, adequately to slightly under-insured between the ages of 45-65. Secondary for this venue are those with ongoing medical issues that travel abroad at least once every 5 years with incomes upward of $100,000. * Metric:Progressive indicators will be an increase in call volume, website visits and return request forms for more information. The expected result is a 10% verifiable response volume that results in either referrals or bookings.

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