Describing the range of promotional activities

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Safeway used to advertise on TV as a way of attracting customers. On the advert they used to show all the products that were on offer, and showed the original prices of the products and than the cut down prices. Advertising on TV may not have been a success for Safeway as they do not advertise on TV no more. But Safeway need to advertise on TV, to keep up with competition such as Sainsbury's and Tesco. Advertising on TV is very expensive, but reaches a wider audience and is the most effective way to advertise and get a response from.

One of Safeway's main types of promotional activities is the 'special offer deals' they do. This involves cutting down original prices of products, so their prices are lower than any other supermarket. This type of advertising has been a great success for Safeway as it has gained them a lot of customers and has made them well known. This is an advantage for Safeway as it has attracted a lot of customers, to go to Safeway than any other supermarket.

The second type of promotional activity Safeway do is the leaflets they deliver to peoples houses. This is again linked in with their special offer deals. The leaflet shows all the products that are on offer, with the cut down prices. This again is a big success for Safeway as it helps gain customers. This is a good method as people know exactly what products are on offer, and this attracts them to come to the supermarket.

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Advertising through leaflets is a very cheap, but effective way. Leaflets are effective as they are very colourful, bright, bold and attractive to look at. Organisations do this on purpose, so customers look at the leaflet rather than throwing it in the bin. Leaflets are very cheap to produce than TV ads, this is because leaflets only target certain areas whereas TV ads reach a wider audience.

Another way Safeway attracts customers, is by the layout of the store. They put all their fruit and vegetables at the entrance of the store. This is because fresh fruit and vegetables are very bright and colourful, and by putting these at the front of the supermarket will attract people to come in. They also put their special offer products at the front of each aisle, at eye level to customers. This is because it catches the customers' eye and makes the customer go to that aisle and look at the products.

Safeway have become a very well known and successful supermarket through their promotional activities. Promoting a product or service When you start a new business you need to tell customers of your existence through advertising and promotion. You then need to get people to try out your product, possibly by giving away free samples or by sending out special offers or invitation to view. Then you need to persuade customers to come back for more.

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