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Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets

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OfficeMax deals with a wide range of products and services that would address the need of the country’s growing office-based workforce. These products and services are mostly served to other business organizations, but can also be provided to customers through retail. The product range includes office furniture, computer supplies, stationery, folders and files among other items. The products are aimed at increasing the potential productivity of

Clients in their work places, reducing their total cost of procurement, and increasing their efficiency in the long run so as to provide maximum service satisfaction. OfficeMax offers its customers the best office supplies and equipment in the market, with an excellent range of options unequaled in the industry (http://www. officemax. com). Services are offered with the customer satisfaction as top priority. Branding and Packaging The Spanish workforce is well used to the European design of a workplace and its attributing elements, consisting of a flavor of Spanish and French fashion and functionality.

With the aim of introducing an American taste of office functionality, OfficeMax will establish its brand as an effective American alternative to the old European workplace. The company and its products shall maximize its packaging of the unique American minimalist office style and prove it to be the best in providing 21st century ultramodern functionality deserved by a hardworking Spanish labor force. Innovative packaging of product on the shelves would be displayed to differentiate the product package from other traditional ways of operating.

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This will be done in attractive wrappers. The branding of product for the firm will not apply here, since the firm would be engaged in storing products of different brand names so as to give buyers the advantage in enjoying the choice of variety of products. Product Life Cycle The products’ place in the Spanish Product Life Cycle is anchored on the company’s unique American style packaging. The product life cycle of a commodity shows how the introduction of such product into the market, its growth and subsequent demise due to extinction or out of vogue.

Unfortunately, OfficeMax will have to be inflexible in facing changes and innovations for its products, due to the uniqueness that defines the brand. Thus, an ever-changing product line will not be applicable. However, the fact that OfficeMax is not a manufacturing firm that process products, but one that sell office equipment, furniture and stationeries at wholesale and retail rate from its several stores. Thus, product life cycle will not apply to the firm operation style, since it is a middle man distributing different brands of finished goods from the stores the organization operates.

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