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How effective is the advert for the Renault Megan, in persuading the target audience to purchase the product? Adverts are used either to display a persuasive message, or to encourage the reader to buy the product advertised. The advert I will be looking at is the Renault Megane advert. My initial impressions are that the advertised car is on an entire A4 page by itself and the reader is not distracted by other adverts. The advert is simple in the way it is set out; it is very easy to see everything, as it isn't complicated and busy. The background features a natural scene of rugged mountains, in contrast to the sleek manufactured lines of the Megane.

There are not a lot of pictures or text but the text there is, is in a small easy read font. The car has been photographed in blue to blend into the surroundings and also the photo of the car is clear and sharp unlike the surroundings, which are blurred. This can specify to the reader that the car is clear and simple perfect for getting you from A to B with style. This car advertisement appeared in the Guardian Weekend magazine and is part of an ongoing campagn by Renault on the TV, on radio and through newspapers/ magazines, to create awareness of the Renault Company and promote the new Renault Megane model.

This advert appeals to people that own, or would like to buy a car. It represents value for money and a comfortable ride, as well as looking good and fitting in well. The intended audience are the car buyers. More or less any age would purchase the car except the younger generation who may not be able to afford it. Middle age to older people I think would be the primary target audience. This car is pictured at an angle so the reader can see the full shape and detail of the car. This is very important for the reader so he or she can see if the car is correct for them.

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The car is also pictured in the harsh, extreme conditions of the mountains, which helps to emphasis how solidly constructed and rugged the car is as well. At the top of the page you will notice the writing is separated by lines very nearly in a drawing board style, for example when a company plans out an idea they use a drawing board to gather all their bright points. This can also help emphasis how simple the Renault Megan is.

In this advert there are cleverly used slogans. The first "enjoy every curve" can imply two meanings. It can mean to enjoy the shape and design of the car and it can mean to enjoy the feeling of the car when turning around the bends. The second slogan "New Megane. Designed by the road," suggests to the reader that the car is ideal for the road since being made from it specially. As I said before the font style and design of the writing is not intruding. The advertiser wants the reader to look at the car rather than read about it. This advert conforms to the usual generic conventions in that the advert has a clever slogan, a suitable background for the car's message and a non-intrusive design.

This advert would definitely be an eye catcher. The car has an attractive colour that is suited to the surrounding, and the witty slogan conveys different meanings to the reader and is memorable. The scenery, affect of light, non-intrusive design, also persuades the reader to buy the car as well. This car advertisement would certainly persuade the target audience because of its clever design by making the Renault Megane stunning!

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