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Jack Wills

Q1. Identify the target market for the clothing retailer Jack Wills Jack wills is targeted at young people aged 18 and over, and most of them are university students. Julia Werdigier, August 20, 2012, article, Bottling the feeling of youth Q.

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2. Discuss how their marketing strategy is aimed at their target market. Product: Jack Wills really focus on the design of clothing and season or style change. For example, male range includes jackets, hoodies, smart shirts, t-shirts, underwear and trousers and female range includes out-door wear, trousers, skirts, dresses, tops and various other accessories.

Price: Prices run from about ? 30 for a basic t-shirt up to ? 400 for large jackets Promotion: promotion code in summer term for 15% to 20% off. Placement: choosing the marketing place where close to the university or college. Q3 Comment on their international store locations and discuss how it fits with their overall targeting and positioning strategy. As the Jack Wills pricing strategy means the clothes may not be considered affordable to everyone, but Jack Wills’ promote “University Outfitters” title to reflect its target market: university students.

Q4. Comment on the marketing strategy being used in the U. S and Asian markets. Tentative solution: Jack wills open two stores in Hong Kong in 2011, which it hopes will serve as a “platform” for expansion into mainland China and Japan. Giving a definite targeting market: Jack Wills’ first stores in the US opened in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Boston in July 2010. Basically, these places selected in USA are Uni cities. Q5. Identify Jack Will’s key competitors Hollister, Abercrombie ; Fitch, Superdry, French Connection.