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Procure IT Resources

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For an IT based organization to be successful, it not only needs to plan and organize effectively but also has to make sure that it acquires the right processes and implement it in the best manner possible. Hence, it is a very important domain for the organization to take care of for future benefits. Amazon. com, to deal with adverse issues and problems need to have automated solution to make sure that it has the solution before the problem occurs.

This is where the proactive attitude of the organization comes into use when it defines Standard Operating procedures for the organization to deal with circumstances that in future might result to be a problem. It also becomes easy for the user as “making money online is easy when everything is automated because the shopping cart system connects instantly to your online merchant account and starts taking orders in minutes.

Then multiple auto responders follow up sales and leads, manage your opt in mailing lists, and build repeat business. The available affiliate tracking and digital delivery system make Ebook downloads and software sales highly profitable. ” (The ebusiness automation solution, 2007). Acquire and Maintain Application Software “Application software is a subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly to a task that the user wishes to perform. (And example of this would be a program such as Microsoft Word.)

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This should be contrasted with system software which is involved in integrating a computer's various capabilities, but typically does not directly apply them in the performance of tasks that benefit the user. ” (Wikipedia, n. d. ). Hence, it is important for the organization to not only empower the customer but to ease his difficulties as well by providing as much automation and correction as possible. Amazon. com does this by providing automated answers for search results etcetera but it needs to acquire more to make its website more attractive.

Since the organization is entirely IT based therefore in order to have a more profitable and customer preferred business, it needs to acquire the best possible technological infrastructure to reach higher levels of success. Similarly acquiring is difficult but to maintain it is more difficult hence the organization should not only devise better technological infrastructures but also train employees and staff to maintain and update it as soon as required.

For all business it is important to have a sound technological infrastructure but it is vital for an organization whose entire business is dependent on IT only. Therefore Amazon. com core attention should be given to this matter. Enable Operation and Use The operations devised by the organization need to be enabled in the best manner possible so that it can be used by the customers and provide him with the purpose it holds.

To devise operations is only half the task done, but to enable it in the best manner possible is the task that needs to be taken care of so that the operations are fully utilized by the user. For Amazon. com to establish itself as one of the best e-commerce site around the globe ever produced, it needs to make sure that its resources are used in the most effective manner possible. Since, its entire business is based online; therefore its priorities for resources should be its Human Resource, IT software and other IT related matters.

It should strive for perfection in order to attain these resources and have their optimal turnover in order to gain overall organizational efficiency. Manage Changes The only thing constant in life is change; hence organizations need to inculcate in their future plan the dealing with change effectively in order to overcome the threat of becoming obsolete. “The difference in those who succeed and those who fail must be found in the capability to organize the processes and routines regulating the interaction between the assets.

In most of the successful cases (Dell, Amazon. com, Schwab) you will see a re-engineering of the internal business processes in order to meet the demands and opportunities of E-commerce” (Henee, 1999). Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes In order to manage change in the best manner possible, an organization should have predefined solutions for changes in place. The employees in order to be aware of all the solutions of the change occurring in the environment should be educated in by the people who have its best knowledge.

Not only do the changes need to be managed but a solution devised for it needs to be managed as well. As an organization whose employees have little knowledge of it is of no use. Amazon. com to deal with the dynamic environment has introduced numerous products and services to meet the demand. Hence, after the planning, it is utmost important to acquire the best method in which to implement the planned solutions. For the implementation to be done it should be made sure that the two most important factors of change and resources are managed in the most efficient way possible.

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