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Data of an employee from the Human Resources Department

A manager of a company can obtain the biographical data of an employee from the Human Resources Department of the company.The Human Resources Department is the one responsible of holding and filing all the related information about an employee of the company such that the file of the employee’s biographical data.The biographical data of an employee is all about his name and personal information about the employee.

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Age, sex, gender and race maybe included to the biographical data.

Ethnic heritage, sexual preference and other related data can also be found on the employee’s biographical data. Weight, height, color of eyes, marital status and number of children are also part of the biographical data. Qualities, strengths and weaknesses of the employee is also being included in the biographical data in order for the employee to let the company hiring him to know his qualities that will match the specified job.

In order for the manager to get a compatible ability-job fit, several steps could be undertaken. The first step that could be done by the manager in order to get an ability-job fit in is to perform the selection process. A simple analysis of the job will present information about the jobs being done in the company and the required abilities the applicants should possess in order to do the effectively.

The manager could make an interview to the applicant, then the applicant may take an examination and the manager could be able to evaluate the applicants according to the abilities they possess for the job. After the selection and evaluation of the applicants who are fitted for the job specified, the next vital step is to make an analysis regarding promotion of the employees already in the company and accepting the applicants who are fitted with the job currently done by the employees.

Assessing of the abilities of the new employees is essential in order to match the required abilities of the human resources of the company. Fit can be enhanced by job modifications such that the modifications will help the employees develop specific talents. To complete the ability-job fit in, the final option is to give trainings to the new employees (Robbins, 2007).

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