Functional areas of Nissan and Premier Performers

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A personal letter is one which is sent with the understanding that only the recipient will receive it. Another type of letter is an open one. This is where the information is sent to anyone interesting in reading it. Not usually used internally as the company is too big to post a letter to someone, unless it was a document they needed by hand that could be faxed or delivered in a pigeon hole or a similar system. Nissan might send a letter to other branches (that could be overseas).

The disadvantages of sending a letter is the time it takes to be sent and received, the reliability of postage, and the cost of postage, could become expensive if a lot of letters must be sent a long distance. Nissan would send letters to suppliers on changes on orders. They may, for example send a letter to increase the amount of tires supplied in the next delivery. Inform customers on after sales service. Premier/PWA might send a private letter accompanying wages (wage slips), information about changes to a policy or events coming up to their employees.

To their customers, (parents of) student's reports on progression or a statement of account could be delivered. Memo A short Letter. Memos would be used more often than letters in a large company such as a request for information about a change in policy. Memos could be posted on notice boards to inform customers of up coming events or a request for a CD player. Report A report is a extended piece of writing Nissan sends an annual report and accounts to show stakeholders how the business is operating.

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The manager of a car dealer might send reports to Nissan about the how well the cars are selling compared to its competitors, this may contain graph charts and photographs as well as words. Both Premier and PWA send personal reports to every student on their performance the previous term, targets for the future. And how they can obtain these aims. Email Email is quick and easy way of sending written communication using word processing or spreadsheets. Email would be useful to Nissan as information can be sent to one person or many, with an instant respond.

Nissan could email customers about sales in Nissan dealers. Customers can contact Nissan through email. The documents can be saved on the computer and printed off if the information is needed on record. Nissan could use email internally as a easy way to send documents (faster than letters) around a large company, especially word processed documents that may need editing. Premier and PWA email their customers with upcoming events which is a great way to advertise. Customers generally keep in contact with Premier through email as they're office opening times are not very convenient.

Website Websites can be used to find information on a business's products/service or the company itself. It usually contains contact information. www. nissan. co. uk Nissans' flashy website advertises their vehicles. Information on new cars, offers, information about working at Nissan, history of Nissan, upcoming events featuring Nissan (motor shows), Contact information, Important information eg insurance, after-sales service and accessories for the car eg. Mobile equipment. Nissans' website is far more advanced and displays a lot more information than Premiers'. www.

premierperformers. co. uk A video with clips from lessons, advertising the school, including information about staff. Pictures from past shows, online enquiries and contact information. Premier also advertises on Myspace where people with accounts can contact them. Informal Meeting This is a meeting, face to face that is usually between less people, for example discussing opinions over lunch. Nissan might have this between managers and head of operation to discuss small problems. Premier has a lot more informal meetings where they discuss what they will be teaching that week.

This is more suitable for small businesses because it saves time on small decisions and there are only 3 teachers at PWA and 3 more at Premier. Formal Meeting This usually involves more people (anyone who needs to hear/discuss or vote on information. ) This could include briefing or progress presentations. Nissans functional areas usually set individual meetings, when they are needed, for example designers might hold a brainstorming session together to design a new car or listen to a presentation of the more technical sides.

Nissan also holds meetings with people outside the business such as promotional companies or car dealers to discuss pricing etc. Premier and PWA hold meetings to audition teachers, after watching the candidates take a class they will attend a formal meeting where the students will be asked their opinions. Student councils were appointed by PWA, who hold formal meetings every term to talk on behalf of the students of their area and devise strategies to incorporate their wants. Telephone or Teleconferencing

This type of verbal communication is usually used if a question can be answered quickly. Telephone calls are probably the most used form of communication by Nissan. A large site means time would be wasted walking to different areas so things like phones that call externally or internally to the different functional areas saves time. And allows immediate communication and responses between the different functional areas. Teleconferencing would be helpful for Nissan as descisions can be made from a distance between more than two people.

Premier has a small office in Winslow that can be contacted my phone or email. Customers could call to order uniform. Premier may need to telephone suppliers to order more uniform PWA students can contact the manager on their mobile to request advice for auditions. Adverts Businesses communicate with their customers through adverts. Adverts can give positive or negative connotations. Nissan advertise through television, radio, newspapers, dealers and magazines.

These are very expensive forms of communication but reach a large audience, so it is a good investment, but only if the business can afford it. Premier and PWA advertise through flyers which are left in appropriate places such as local theatres, community centers. Premier is not as well advertised as it could be, Premier should advertise in the local newspapers and local primary and secondary schools. Premier and PWAs' competitors; Stagecoach and Centre Stage advertise in the local newspapers, creating awareness to potential customers.

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