Ict Movie Maker vs Adobe Premier Pro

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ICT What Movie Maker is capable of doing Windows movie maker is able of: * Find all your video’s and images * Find any special sounds effects * Find any music * Decide on any written content * Make a rough plan of the running order * Create your movie. Advantages of using Windows Movie Maker 1) It is available free on any windows operating system 2) It is easy to learn 3) It is pretty straight forward 4) You do not need film editing experience in order to use windows media player 5) There are over 130 effects, transitions, titles, and credits available 6) After capture, any clip can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the timeline.

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Disadvantages of using Windows Movie Maker 1) It suffers from crashes frequently. 2) Program freezes at times. 3) It is not possible to uninstall the program through the add/remove panel. 4) It is not possible to do complex editing. Adobe Premier Pro Advantages of Adobe Premier Pro 1) The software has the ability to go into extensive detail and edit videos within seconds. 2) Larger videos are easier to convert and use in the program although this is not important to my solution as I will only be creating small clips (max. minutes). 3) Contains a feature called timeline which allows for zooming in and out. 4) Several tutorials available online Disadvantages of Adobe Premier Pro 1) More expensive than most other competitive software of the same type. 2) To use the features if the software users are required to view forums, see the help section of Adobes website as most features are more complex than they are required to be and most people are used to. 3) Larger file sizes are left in comparison to other packages, requiring more disk space.

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