Power Gained by Deception

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Hoe From Cornelius Usual to Kim Gong-UN, power gained by deception-by controlling the thinking style of the people, and power gained by physical or military force are two things that have always been a part of the world's politics through history. According to Citadel (Bibb" political deception may have a close relationship to and Impact on military operations" (page 2). These two Ideas both give the least positive ambiance, but they have never left the hands of the leaders of mankind.

In a world where both methods" of gaining political authority exist, it is more appropriate to define the relationship between the two, than to compare and prove which is actually "better. " Deception and force have a chronological relationship: In the political aspect, the most effective way to gain what you want is by deception, and force is a necessity that follows to maintain the deception from dying out. Almost every major influence between societies- the so-called "mind war" that has happened through history expresses this relationship's definition.

The Philippines, for instance, was conquered by the Spanish explorers for nearly 300 years. The long triumph of this colonization was not Like the other cases where the westerners' technological advancement caused the victory, but It was the huge Impact of Charlatanry that threw the rather innocent natives Into the traps of the Spanish. The Foolproof were not forced to refrain from fighting back, but they sincerely believed that they shouldn't.

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Shockproof (1990) wrote, "Using religious dogmas, they were able to convince the indigenous people, which they considered uncivilized and in need of guidance. (p. 83). Stopping the historical story here would make readers understand the power of deception, but the entire process of Spanish colonization did not work by deception only. The Spanish set strict rules for the natives to follow and implied punishments for anyone who went against it.

The power of force is implied in this dictatorial colonization, and these rules were simply to make sure that the Filipinos stay inside the net of false beliefs. A lot of the native leaders were at flirts against the Integration of an unfamiliar society and the Influx of a belief they have never heard of, but It was the military strength they saw In the Spanish army that led them to stay low and eventually believe what they were told to believe. What could have happened if Spanish did not have the technology to create a sense of forceful power, a sense of position authority?

The native would have not found the exotic idea credible, and sooner or later, would have abandoned the belief. Due to the fact that there was technological superiority, the power of force functioning alone would work and bring minimal results in the start, but it will definitely not last long because forcing them to obey by force would eventually lead the natives to fight back because they would know their rights to do so, and this belief would most likely be based on their own set of beliefs, their own, undisturbed source of Influence.

Thus, it is generally agreeable that the power of psychological control Is Indomitable, but that fact does not Imply that the power of deception can stand on Its own. Another great example of a society ailing under deception, and being stuck "wealth the deception" with a power gained by military force would be North Korea, the home controlled by the well-known that their leader is the top of everything, and their "father" with the ultimate power.

This may bring up a lot of political theory, but dictatorship, in its most basic sense, is a leader's deceiving of his people that everything should be done under his orders. Going back to the stated example, many would believe that the North Korean government's controlling of its people's minds is what kept the dictatorship, and the people's democracy' clear and stable, but it is actually the country strict implementation of its laws and its isolation with other nations and other cultures that did the work.

In November of 2013, a rumor, with evidence good enough to reach the front page of a South Korean newspaper, spread that 80 North Koreans were executed in front of the public for several reasons: possession of Christian bibles, distributing pornography and quite shockingly, even watching for watching Korean TV shows and dramas. All these various actions lead to the North Koreans introduction to the different thoughts and ideologies, especially the idea of capitalism.

To stop these from happening, or to keep the deception functioning properly, North Korea had to use the dictator's authority to hold public executions in different parts of the country, so that nobody will even try to gain access to new ideas, and stay in what they believe right now. The system of North Korea is in fact, the perfect example of the relationship of the power of deception and power of force. It is quite inferable that with one of these two missing, the result would never be the name and Kim Gong-UN would not be the superior leader of North Korea which he is right now.

For argument's sake, if North Korea lost all its military strength and the power to force people to follow, sooner people will be accessed to new ideas, and then they will realize that what their country has believed is not quite ideal, and the deception, the tool that functioned as the frame of North Koreans dictatorship may blur out and eventually shatter. Machiavelli quoted, "Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception".

He emphasizes the point that winning by deception is indeed better than winning by force in politics, which this paper tries to address wrong. Sun TTS wrote that, "All warfare is based on deception. (Book 1, 18)", which means that these two cannot be divided and as we see from history and that they must coexist. One point that argues to Machiavellian quote is that deception does not last for so long, and things are to be revealed sooner or later, but it is the force that extends the time of the "revelation", thus making the deception more effective.

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