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It was cold that October morning in Elizabeth City, NC. I hardly slept at all the night before and 4a. m. had come very early. It didn’t matter; I had to be at the hospital at 6a. m. It was finally time for the world to meet baby Valarey and for baby Valarey to meet the world. It was time, time to have my precious baby. By 7a. m. I was hooked up to my IV. By 9a. m. the nurses had me hooked up to a fetal monitor that monitored my baby and my contractions. I was now stuck in this not so comfortable bed until after my baby was born.

My labor had started on its own but my doctor decided to start a Pitocin drip to induce my labor and make it go a little faster. It was now 4p. m. and was time for the epidural. My husband almost passed out after watching the elongated needle go into the small of my back! It took everything in me to whisper “Something’s wrong” to the nurse. Everything went dark and I could hear a beeping noise that sounded like it was fading in the distance. I was dying, slowly slipping away from this world.

When I finally regained consciousness I looked at my husband in dismay. The look on his face was complete trepidation. He told me that my blood pressure had plummeted and they had almost lost me. The nurse asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was ok. It seemed like I had been out for a very long time but my husband said it was only seconds. He said that the nurse had to inject me with some emergency medication to bring my blood pressure back to normal. It was now about 9p. m. and the nurse told me it was time to have my baby.

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It was pushing time! You could see the excitement is my husband’s face. I was just as excited! We were about to meet our second baby. To finally see what she looked like, to hear the sounds of here cries and to feel her soft skin. The pushing began but the doctor was not in the room yet. My knees were up to my ears and my chin was on my chest as I pushed with all my might, bearing down as hard as I could. After pushing really hard three times everyone in the room started to yell stop! Stop pushing!

I thought something was wrong. The baby’s head was out. Her beautiful mystical blue eyes were fluttering like a butterflies wings. Soft, fine almost white, blonde hair and ivory fair skin was the first thing we saw of her. The doctor walked in the room all suited up and the pushing began again. After just a few more pushes our second baby girl was delivered. She was 8lbs even and 19 1/2in long. Valarey Joyce Hunter was born at 9:45p. m. on October 30th, 2001. She was the most beautiful and inestimable thing I had ever seen.

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