Essays on Hindu

Essays on Hindu

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The Story of the Good Brahman

The Story of the Good Brahmas Based on my basic knowledge about Indian society, Brahmins hold the highest status in Indian’s caste system. I perceive that the story will be similar to bible stories like, the good shepherd. However, what I encountered in reading the …

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Case Analysis: Mcdonald’s and the Hindu Culture

Case Analysis: McDonald’s and Hindu Culture Julia Evans Misericordia University Case Analysis: McDonald’s and Hindu Culture The case study discusses the struggles that McDonalds faced when it began to do business in India. The Hindu culture prohibits the consumption of beef because they look at …

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Traces of Hindu Temple Architecture in Taj Mahal

Chapter 2Traces of Hindu Temple Architecture in Taj MahalAs mentioned earlier in the old chapter that many critics have found Urdu hints and Taj edifice is a symbolical representation of Mughal memorial merely. But Professor P.N. Oak challenges such thoughts and brings out a review …

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Reasons for Devotion to Hindu Goddesses

Hinduism portrays feminine divinity in a more exalted way than most other religions do. Though Hindu goddesses are usually depicted as consorts, wives or companions to a Hindu god, cases exist in which they are worshipped independently; Tantrism for example, where it is believed that …

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Growing Up Hindu in America

I moved o a small town In 2004, and I was like most Americans as far as being Ignorant to the different religions that were worshipped. I was different In the fact that I was curious to meet new people and what they do. This …

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Concept of Divinity in Judaic, Sumerian and Hindu Society

Divinity is the core of all religions and rule most societies. Socialization based on divinity occurs almost everywhere. Most of the acceptable behaviors we have been taught since infancy have religious roots. I will compare and contrast the concepts of divinity in Judaic, Sumerian and …

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TO Emerson, this is all the same. Moreover, the Spirit, essence Of “life,” cannot be killed. It is eternal, without beginning or end. Death is (as is killing) an illusion. This ignorance of the slayer and the slain come directly from the second chapter of …

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Postmodern Hindu Law

The Hindu law has been a guiding principle for our society, especially in certain matters like the conjugal affairs or the responsibilities of kinship. The Kutia Kandha customs are also based on the lines of Hindu law but they seem to be more systematic. Maintenance …

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Muslim and Hindu Hatred: Gandhi’s and Muhammads Views

Question 2 For hundreds of years there was religious fanaticism in the Hindu and Muslim religions leading up to extreme enmity between both. In India Hindus were the majority while Muslims were the minority therefore Muslims feared that a rule by Hindus would destroy what …

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My Yoga Experience

In the contemporary world, life can really be hectic and stressful. The influx of schedules for work, school and others have taken most of the time of people’s daily routine. Leaving them with little time for themselves to unwind and relax. This is the point …

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Social Structure of Bangladesh

Social Structure of Bangladesh Introduction Bangladesh officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. The name Bangladesh means “Country of Bengal” in the official Bengali language. The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in 1947, …

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Compare and Contrast: Hinduism and Islam

Hinduism and Islam: Compare and Contrast It is universally known that religious faiths creates diversity in culture and give new identity and outlook to matters signifying a new way life. In most cases, religious faith is accountable for people’s behavior in conducting daily activities including …

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Differences Between Hinduism and Buddhism

Religion is the basic belief which one practices. It determines the life of an individual. Religions evolve from different customs, traditions, practices and values. Among these religions, Buddhism and Hinduism are one of the two most influential religions with a philosophical element in them. Both …

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Thematic Study on A.K.Ramanujans Poetry

Introduction: A. K. Ramanujan is one of the interesting poets in the 20th century Indian English literature. His timeline is between 1929 and 1994. His poetry attained its popularity in 1960s. He is considered as the voice of modern India, though he shows his deep …

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Hinduism: Monotheistic or Polytheistic

Is Hinduism monotheistic, or polytheistic? Polytheism is the belief in, and worship of more than one god. In monotheism, there is belief in and worship of only one god that is a separate entity. I have come to the conclusion that Hinduism is neither, but …

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Salvation in Hinduism and Christianity

INTRODUCTION Salvation is a common belief for many religions despite the difference in their Supreme Being or Beings, which they seek deliverance from. In this research, a comparison between how salvation is viewed by Christians and Hindus will be examined so a conclusion can be …

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Bhakti Yoga

There are four goals in the traditional Hinduism. These four goals cover life viewed as good and life seen as bad. Three of these goals appeal to the positive things in life, such as, Dharma or righteousness, Artha or achievement, and Kama or gratification. The …

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Essays on Baisakhi

Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi, is mainly a Sikh festival that falls on the 13th or 14th of April each year. It is celebrated with great pomp and show in Punjab as well as other parts of the country. Baisakhi is basically a Sikh festival …

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The Similarities between My Mother and Me

I love my mother very much. She is not only a strong woman but also a great mother. My mother always takes care of the children in my family very well and chats with us as a friend; in addition, from the stories in life, …

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A Passage to India: Culture Clash

CONTEXT British context ?Forster was a British writer and most of his readers were British. His work reflects also England and the period in which Forster lived and wrote. He is commonly regarded as an Edwardian novelist, because his first four novels were published during …

A Passage to IndiaCultureGodHinduismReligion
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Devotion to God

Devotion (bhakti) to God animates many selections from Hindu scriptures in our anthology (Fisher and Bailey, pp. 61-88). Devotion or bhakti is an enlightened and powerful path that would help an individual to mount the self realization and realization of God. Devotion and love is …

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Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Essay

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5th September 1888 – 17th April 1975) was a distinguished Indian scholar who also served as the first vice President and the second President of India. He had been awarded many scholarships throughout his career and taught in many prestigious institutes and …

HinduismPersonal PhilosophyPhilosophy
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The Three Paths of Salvation in the Bhagavad-Gita

Bhagavad Gita through the Lord Krishna primarily advocates three spiritual paths towards attaining spiritual salvation, namely Karma Yoga, Jhana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. The online Indian Purans describes these three paths as follows: Karma Yoga, the as the path of action; Bhakti Yoga as the …

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Compare and Constrast Classical China and Classical India

Though they had some different qualities, Classical China and India were very similar. The complexities of both India and China’s social hierarchy systems were very different. However their religious views and ideas were similar, and they both began to decline but were able to recover …

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Differences between in India and China about Buddhism

The term Buddha is derived from the root word “vbudh” which means “to awaken or to be enlightened”; it is from ancient Indian languages “Pali” and “Sanskrit” which means “one who has become awake”. It denotes a person which have been many instances in the …

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Food Rituals in Hinduism

Hindu Traditions: Food and Purification Ashley LeBlanc Introduction to Eastern Religions Dr. Patricia Campbell November 16, 2010 LeBlanc 2 Hinduism is a religion that originated in India and is still practiced by most of the Natives as well as the people who have migrated from …

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Guyana’s Culture

Culture name: Guyanese Identification. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “the land of many waters. ” Attempts to forge a common identity have foundered, and it is more accurate to speak of African, Indian, and Amerindian Guyanese cultures. There were small European, Portuguese “colored,” and …

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Tattoos in Society

Tattoos in Society Even though tattoos are sometimes viewed as unprofessional and offensive, tattoos are just a form of art because tattoos should not hinder someone from anything in life and people with tattoos are just as human as everyone else. Tattoos have been around …

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Nectar in a Sieve Discussion Questions

What is the main character’s name in the book? A: Rukmani What do you think could have happened if Ira was given the medicine the Rukmani had to bear children for her first husband? A: She would have been severely neglected and abused, for he …

HinduismHuman NatureMarriage
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A Visit to a Buddhist Temple

A visit to a Buddhist temple for a service is a chance for a new experience and to expand personal cultural horizons. I approached with an open mind on learning and experiencing what exactly the service had to offer. The service started at 9:30 and …

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Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharma, or way of life. It is the world's third-largest religion, with over 1.2 billion followers, or 15–16% of the global population, known as Hindus.

Teacher : guru

Holy book

The revealed texts constitute the Veda, divided into four sections: the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda, and the Atharva Veda. The Vedas are hymns that are also accompanied in the total Veda by Brahmanas (ritual texts) Aranyakas (“forest” or “wilderness” texts), and Upanishads (philosophical texts).


Diet. Most Hindu s are vegetarian. The cow is viewed as a sacred animal so even meat-eating Hindu s may not eat beef. Some Hindu s will eat eggs, some will not, and some will also refuse onion or garlic; it is best to ask each individual.


In Hindu traditions prayer takes place formally as part of puja, which is Sanskrit for adoration. During puja Hindu s repeat the names of gods and goddesses that are important to them. They also repeat mantras over and over again. Worshippers also offer water, fruit, flowers and incense to God or the divine.


What is Hinduism in a paragraph?
Hinduism has many aspects. Hinduism has been around since the beginning of time. Hindus refer the religion to themselves as Sanatana Dharma. This is the eternal tradition or "eternal way" that goes beyond human history. Hinduism is seen by scholars as a mixture of Indian cultures, traditions, and roots.
What is Hinduism summary?
Hindus believe in the principles of samsara, which is the continuous cycle, of life, death, reincarnation and rebirth, and karma, which is the universal law of cause/effect. Hinduism's most fundamental belief is that of "atman," also known as the belief in a soul. This philosophy holds living creatures have a spirit, and all are part the supreme soul.
What is the Hindu way of life?
Purusharthas (the four aims of Hindus) are the purposes of life. These are dharma. These are opportunities for Hindus to live a good and moral life.
What is special about being a Hindu?
Hindus believe in the principles of samsara, which is the continuous cycle, of life, death, reincarnation and rebirth, and karma, which is the universal law of cause/effect. Hinduism's most fundamental belief is that of "atman," also known as the belief of soul. This belief holds that all living creatures have a spirit and that they are all part of the supreme mind.

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