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Throughout my life there have been a lot of people, books and audio tapes that have taught me important lessons. For me, making the right decision in life is crucial as I believe we have only one life and one chance and we should make the most of it. In my life I want to be known for my successful career, my generosity and my positive influence towards people. I guess this is my long term goal in life and I am confident that my study in Northeastern University will take me closer towards my goal in life.

Since I was twelve years old, I was in a position where I needed to choose between going to school in Indonesia, where I would stay close to my family and friends, or going to school in Australia, where I would get a better education, but be by myself, far away from my family and friends. I took action and moved from my comfort zone. Moving and living into a totally new country is certainly a great life experience which thought me that determination and self-motivation is the key in helping one succeed in life.

My parents always remind me that when the time comes my responsibility is to continue our family business and taking care of my brother and sisters. It is in our culture that the eldest son in the family had the responsibility to take care of the whole family. I believe it is not an easy task but as a responsible son I will prepare and equipped myself with whatever I need to achieve this goal. My short term goal is to have a real working experience in one of the leading company in the United States.

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When choosing a University in United States, it was always my intention of not getting just a business theory but more importantly real working experience in a company. I do my research and finds that Northeastern University is known for its internship program in United States. In doing MBA degree at Northeastern, I will choose finance as my career track. I choose finance firstly because it is an important area that I need to understand in order to take my family business to the next stage and I also believe that by taking this career track it will get me ready to face the real business world.

I am confident that by taking a MBA at Northeastern University will help me to achieve my short term goal of equipping me with knowledge and a real working experience that I really need. Determination and Self motivation is what will keep me moving towards my life goal and I believe that with strong determination and self motivation I will be able to accomplish all of my goals in life.

Please answer the following questions: a) What have you learned in your research on Northeastern that has motivated you to apply? ) What unique contributions will you bring to the Northeastern community as a student? c) How will you benefit personally and professionally from your experience at Northeastern? A) The most appealing factor that motivated me to apply is the fact that Northeastern is one of the top Universities in United States that have the best internship program and the recommendation by people who claimed that the schools are so helpful with their students.

I believe that University involvement in helping their student succeeding in their career is very important. I read a review that stated that Northeastern provide students with a lots of tools and workshop for their internship. B) In my career both in Indonesia and Australia, I had the opportunity to experience many different kinds of activity from sporting activity, community activity to working experience.

My sporting experience includes representing Indonesia to play in an international U-13 competition, playing musical instrument in a band for a concert in Australia, one of a member in Indonesian Student Association in Australia, as well as having two years experience working as a marketing manager in a building material manufacturer company in Indonesia. As a student I am confident that my experience will bring unique contribution to Northeastern Community. C) Personally the most valuable thing that I could have is experiencing and learning in different culture, different environment and diverse people from all over the country.

The chance of being able to be around different people from different country and background are priceless for me because it will open my mind about being able to adapt in a diverse environment and a challenge to be able to settle and work together with people from different culture and background. An experience outside university as well as in the workplace will no doubt give me a price less experience especially towards my career internationally, because in a business world we have to be able to deal with almost everyone and I will take this opportunity as my chance to practice this rare opportunity.

I look forward to meeting new people from all over the world, making new friends, learning about the western culture, doing new activity and working together as a team. Another personal benefit is that living away from my family will make me able to be live independently and solving problems on my own. I believe that as I move along in my study at Northeastern I will have more and more benefit that right now I have not seen.

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