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A Goal I Have Accomplished

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Graduating from college, having a stable job or putting up their own business and having a happy family might be the things people want to achieve in their lifetime.

Many people hope for this at an early age while they still have the support of their parents especially financially. I, myself, also hope for those.

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A Goal I Have Accomplished

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. However, with my present status, I believe those could only be bonuses for all the achievements I have now.

I recently got my General Education Development diploma — this is already a great achievement for me. This is because I got it as a fruit of all the labor, perseverance and determination. It is very difficult to manage my life while I study. I am a single mother and I need to work for a living to feed my little boy.

There were times that I needed to review my lessons while I am tending to his needs during the night. There were many nights that I have gone sleepless and still go to school during the day. But I know I needed to do everything not only for my future but especially for my child future — that’s what I always think of.

My beautiful boy is the crown to all my tiredness and the everlasting joy to all my achievements. At the end of the day when I see him smiling at me, he gives me new hope to pursue what I am planning to do.

Aside from perseverance and thinking of our future, another step that I took is to continue my studies. I already started college in August. I am now pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Business through Kaplan Online. Moreover, to compensate for our expenses, I am also working fulltime

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