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Obesity speech

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Overweight and obesity cause the development of diabetes, and contribute to high blood pressure, Infertility, birth complications and amplify asthma and a poor health status. This Is very serious and It has to be taken way more serious by the people living here. Obesity Is largely preventable through changes In lifestyle, especially diet or daily exercise. There are many diseases that are so hard to cure, so why is it that, when we actually have a disease that you can cure yourself, we don't do anything about it?

By some changes in your lifestyles, you could actually get a lot healthier than you were before. I am not saying that it is easy. I know that it can be hard to turn things around especially if it's become a habit to eat unhealthy and by eating unhealthy you don't get energy, and that is also a reason why many don't exercise as much as they should do. Younger people have largely grown up in a world, where a greater variety of food than ever before has become available and at a relatively low cost, and so are more prone to develop obesity at a younger age.

Obesity is a major cause of death and 1 out of 3 adults and 1 out of 6 children is obese. Obesity costs the US, almost 150 million dollars a year, where almost 10 % of he national medical budgets. The way you eat has changed over the last 50 years. A lot more food is available than before and opportunities for physical activities are lacking. It is a known fact that physical activity improves overall health. Not only does it improve circulation, increase blood flow to the brain, and raise endorphin levels, which all helps to reduce stress, improve mood and attitude, and calm children.

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Physically active students also achieve more in school, they are less likely to miss school and participate more in class. Michelle Obama speaks about obesity In her beech and tells that because of the support of huge American businesses, Like Disney and Walter etc. Now more than half a million In undeserved communities now have the access to fresh, healthy food. Military leaders are serving healthier menus and products. Nearly two and a half million kids have enrolled In recreational sport classes.

And they launched Let's Move Active schools, an unprecedented effort to Invest more than $70 million to promote actively and bring physical education back to your schools. So something Is done, yes. But could more be done? Walt for audience response I think - yes! Guys! I know that I may not Influence you to do something about It, but I may as well try, because this is serious. After I told you all these consequences, it must do outside the restaurant is looking so tasty and the candy in the candy stores can be so tempting, and its okay to eat it once in a while, but it can't be an everyday food or an everyday habit.

That's Just too unhealthy for your body and health. I know that it tastes so good when you're eating it, but how do you feel about yourself when you finished the meal? Do you feel good or do you feel insecure about your body? Wait for audience response I can tell you, that I sure don't feel especially good after an unhealthy meal like that. So you got to ask yourself - Is this worth it? Do I want to be healthy? Do I want to be fit? Do I want to look good?

I'm not saying that it's wrong to have curves, it isn't at all. But it's wrong, when it's dangerous for your own life. You are the young generation. You can still do something about this and with one step at a time it will help. Even if it's baby steps, you still got to try. I know that after an exhausting day at school it is very tempting to lie down in the bed and watch television, go on your 'phone and hat with your friends on backbone, go on Mainstream and post a picture, whatever you like to do.

Obesity speech essay

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