The Relationship Between Speech Production and Speech Comprehension and Thought

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Is it possible for a child to have the ability to produce speech without having the ability to comprehend speech?

The child must first able to comprehend the meaning of the language before they themselves can produce it. The basic of all language is meaning and without that, children could not begin to produce language meaningfully. Children need to be exposed to utterances with a clear connection to articles referred to before they themselves can begin sat such utterances. They will not learn language if all that they are exposed to is speech sound, no matter how many times it is uttered.

Which part of the brain that is related to language comprehension?

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The left temporal lobe is thought to be critical for language comprehension and production. Wernicke's Area is the name of the specific region of the temporal lobe that is associated with speech comprehension, whereas Broca's Area is a region of the temporal lobe associated with speech production.

Does experience play important rule to help children in language comprehension and speech production?

Children must first be exposed to utterances and it is also necessary that these utterances are related to objects, events and situations in their physical environment and subjective events in their minds (desire, pain and love). Child’s experience with the environment and the child’s experience of its own feeling are assigning the meanings of the word and sentences.

Does imitation help children to learn language?

Imitation, copying and repeating words loud, is not the fundamental factor for learning a language by a child. It cannot be regarded as basic factor, because it has some limitation. The first limitation is that “imitation” can apply only to speech production but not to speech comprehension and the second one is that “imitation” is not involved in construction of sentences. So, we can conclude that imitation is limited to the development of the articulation of speech sounds and the sound pattern of sentences.

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