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My Experience at the Animal Shelters

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These are my experiences while visiting both animal shelters; first I visited Orange County Animal Services. When I came in I realize there were people standing on line waiting to talk to the clerk to tell her their business in the shelter.

While waiting on line I observed this two young girls in front of me very excited that they were adopting a dog, when they got to the clerk they told the clerk that they had choose a dog and were ready to take him home, the first question from the clerk was what’s the cage number, but they didn’t know the cage number So the clerk told the girls to go back and check the cage number, soonest they left it was my turn to tell the clerk my business at the shelter.

I told her I was there from school and it seem like she has got a lot of those visits because before I could finish she told me the best way to get around the shelter, so I wouldn’t miss anything. She told me that after I was done to come back to her and she would have a brochure signed and ready for me to take. I started walking down the hall and the first thing I saw was a table with some pictures of what I suppose is people that work or volunteer there, with dogs and cats from the shelter; the table was decorated with some dog or cat toys.

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I kept walking and started hearing barking I was getting closer to where the dogs are. As the barks from the dogs were getting louder I looked around at the walls of the hallway they had pictures of dogs and cats with their happy owners that had adopted them from the shelter. Almost at the end of the hall there was a whole wall of pictures with dogs that were missing from their owners, they all looked so happy in the pictures I counted 18 pictures of dogs that were missing from their owners, after I had reviewed and counted the pictures of the missing dogs.

I continued walking down the hall and got to the first door because there are two doors to get to the actual place where the dogs are kept. As soon as a walked in I saw the two young girls from earlier, they were getting the info that the clerk needed to continue with the adoption procedure; the dog they were taking was the first dog in the left. I wanted to ask them some questions but they seem to be so exited and in such a rush that I decided not to ask them anything, regardless I saw the dog they were adopting his name is Gizmo he is a five month old male pointer/bloodhound mix he is super happy and riendly I took a picture with my cell phone I kept walking by the cages looking at the dogs trying not to overdo it because I couldn’t stop feeling bad that they had no home and no master to wag their tail to, even though they all seem to wag their tail to very person that passed by and they tried to look as happy as they can under the circumstances, is like if they knew that they had to look their best because one of those person passing by could potentially by his or her new master There were about 60 dogs in house on that day, after walking by all the dogs.

I went to where the cats are kept. Where the cats are kept is divide it in three parts, two small rooms were in the front to the left and right side. In the middle was the entrance to the bigger room where most of the cats were kept in small cages, that were all around the room, most of the cages had cats in them some of them had two cats in it. There were two women that were working as volunteers; I asked them a few questions.

They told me there were about 60 cats in house at the moment they didn’t know the number of cats and dogs that get adopted but they told me it was high if not 100% In that particular animal shelter, they also explained to me what the two smaller rooms are for. The one in the right side was for letting that cats stretch out and do exercise. The other room on the left was for the people who wanted to adopt a cat, could get to know his or her new cat better.

After I was done walking through the shelter I went back to the clerk in the front. she had a brochure sign and ready for me to take, I came out from the first shelter and went in to SPCA of central Florida, which was a little confusing to me because it looked like a store, I asked the clerk and she told me I was in the right place, that was the entrance she told me which was the best way to get around the shelter and told me when I was done walking around to come back to her so she can give me a signed brochure.

I found that both shelter are the same but different this one had fewer dogs and they looked to me bigger than the once from the other shelter they had about 40 dogs in house at the moment. After I was done with the dogs, I went to the cat section and to my surprise it was a lot bigger than the other one and had different rooms for different thing, there was a section for sick cats, for healthy cats, for cats that are going home, for cats to know their new master, and for wild cats. I talked to Sherry a nice lady that works there and had the patience to walk and showed all the cat places I mentioned.

I ask her about cats and dog adoptions and she told me it was a lot higher for dogs than cats at this shelter, I asked why and she said many different reasons, but mainly because they in house so many wild cats, that made me feel sad because I saw the wild cats and they are just as beautiful as the rest of them I took a picture of a wild cat that I saw at the shelter I will include in this report. After I was done walking the whole shelter I went back to the front desk clerk to collect my brochure and that’s the end of my walk in two Orange County Shelter, I hope you have enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy making it.

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