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The Differences between the High School Experience and the College Experience

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"Lily, I'm going to college," Mark exclaimed while dashing into Lily's room. He had just received his acceptance from Albany State University, and was waving it in the air like a white flag. "Congratulations Markey," responded in Lily in a hysterical voice. She was standing in front of her dresser's mirror trying to burst a pimple. She then turned around and said," I hate to rain on your parade, but you really aren't going anywhere." "What do you mean? My acceptance letter is right here. Can't you see it," Mark said while bringing his acceptance letter closer to Lily's face. After moving Mark's acceptance letter out of her face, Lily motioned her head to the side and said, "I know. I know. You may be going to ASU and all, but it isn't a big difference from high school. College and high school are complete, twin replicas of each other. Both of my parents attended college for 6 years, and from what I hear from them, not much has changed from the transition from high school to college." "Well, I am sad to say, but you are greatly mistaken Lily. There are plenty of differences between college and high school. In college, you have more independence, responsibility, and more money is needed for a person to attend. In high school, we were papered by our parents, and from the looks of it, you still are," Mark replied, while pointing at a plate of cookies Lily's mom had brought in earlier. Lily's facial expression went from a joyful smile to a disgusted frown. Lily suddenly hopped on her bed, grabbed her laptop and exclaimed, "We'll see about that!"

At the beginning of every education journey, each student depended on their parents to make decision for them. As a child, plenty of individuals let their parents dress them in the best way that was seen fit. From the animal tee shirts to the power ranger and Dora the explorer book bag, parents were in charge of every decision. "It was as if my mom was the director of my own movie Lily," Mark inserted," Starting at Pre-K until the 3rd grade, my mother chose my clothes and even my socks. I had no choice but to abide by what she was saying. I was actually babied to tell you the truth. She fed me, changed my diaper. I was walked to the toilet numerous of times. Yet, as I grew I started to take care of myself. I bathe myself and kept my hygiene proper. All the way into high school, I was depended on my parents. Not all the way though, just depending on certain items such as transportation and money. When I get to college, it will be a whole different ball game. I will be independent and on my own. I will have to be the one taking charge of every aspect of my life." Yet, both institutions have students that start to become more independence. This action does not happen at a certain age. Students gain more independence each day.

Public high schools do not charge students to attend. Most public high school only charge students for field trips and cafeteria food. In college, expenses are needed. Students have to apply for Financial Aid. Then most students may receive the Pell Grant and the HOPE scholarship. Afterward, most financial awards do not cover all of the college, being the cause effect for students to take out Federal Loans for college. College students are also provided with big lump sums such as college refunds; the excess of money that is leftover from their financial awards. Lily applied, "Don't get me wrong Mark. It cost a lot of money to attend college, but with any education service, money is needed. Like Pre-K programs for toddlers, they are able to exist because they are sponsored by a lottery grant. Money has to come from somewhere. Nothing is free in this day of age."

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As most college students know, with great change come a lot of responsibility.

Everything is based on the actions that the students take and reflects back on them socially and mentally. College students have to become adults and learn how to carry the responsibility of managing time, money, and classes. High school students do not have much responsibility, for parents are responsible for the major needs: money, clothes, and food. "We all have responsibilities. Like when I was high school, I had to take responsibility for turning my work in and managing time as well. No one is exempt from having some type of responsibility. Just like when you were smaller Mark, you were responsible for turning in your homework and when you returned home, you may had to wash the dishes. It is all the same," Lily also inserted.

Education is education. Growth is growth. Plenty of difference can be applied between high school and college but all reasoning's add up to the same thing: Life. High school and college present growth and is the transition of becoming an adult. Everybody does not attend college though; most people can attend a technical school or join the military. As time goes on, students find themselves gaining more authority and becoming an actual adult. "So Mark, I hope you grabbed your umbrella, because it's raining," Lily responded as she heard a crack of lightning outside. "Darn Lily, you have a point there. But, thanks for the lecture though. You help me see things in a different way," Mark responded. "You're welcome Mark," Lily replied while escorting Mark out of the house with her umbrella.

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