Animal Abuse: Ethics Of Animal Rights

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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Animal Ethics examines both human-animal relationships, and how animals should be treated. Veterinarians play a big role in treating and taking care of animals. Veterinarians purpose is to work hard and prevent animals from suffering and abuse. Many have question why should animals have rights.

There are many different reasons I can point out and others may not agree with it. For instance with respect to companion animals: is the right to keep animals as pets, taking care of pets ensuring they have the best life possible. Some people chose to eat animals and some don’t eat animals at all because of their beliefs. Animal ethics is appearing as a top subject many different places.

Ethical Theories

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Ethics is a critical reflection on how we should act and why. Animal ethics is the field that deals with how and why we should take nonhuman animals into account in our morals decisions. There are different ethical theories which many people disagree with when it comes to animals. Many ethical issues do come up in business units such as veterinary offices. For example, to some views it is always wrong to tell a lie regardless of the consequences. Despite their are many differences and morals of non human animals.

Treatment Of Animals

Animal rights teach us that certain things are wrong and will not be tolerated in the welfare of animals. Animals have morals and the ability to feel pain and kind of pain. Animals should not suffer at the hands of humans. Humans are suppose to love and take are of animals in the most positive way.

Humans have moral obligations towards animals. There is much disagreement about the consequences of animal rights. All animals should have proper living conditions. No animal should be left outside in any kind of weather. Animals are a major part of the environment. To protect the rights of animals we as humans have to protect the environment too.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare can fall into many different categories. Zoo keepers have to make sure the animals are fed, cleaned, well-behaved for the audience. Arguments supports that the animals do not suffer there is no harm done to them. Our main goal is to support veterinarians and other people who heals animals in other countries.

Animal welfare is a fairly recent, yet troubling argument in society. This subject is a very strong argument in the animal community. Animal welfare has become a major issue that is growing everyday. Humans are concerned about the safety of animals and the rights of animals. Through many years of animal welfare, people has fought to prevent the action of animal cruelty and bring help towards animal rights.

Animals Deserve Rights

Advocacy groups and humanitarians have come together to fight for the rights of animals. Some advocate for not using animals for foods, clothing or any harmful things. The animal rights movement mainly focus protecting them from any type of harm. In the United States, people often says how much they love animals.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued in the 1966 Animal Welfare Act for the treatment of animals. I can say animals do the deserve the rights to be treated fairly. People have been fighting to support all animals in many different ways. Wild life animals also have the rights to be protected and not bought or sold. Many animals suffer unspeakable cruelties as people don’t understand that animals have rights.

Protecting Animals

The author explains the importance of protecting animals and following the animal law. Animal agriculture use 70 percent of the global freshwater and 38 percent of global land. Protecting animals is a 247 job. If you own any animals no matter how many always protect them from any harm.

Together we can protect animals around the world in different ways. For, example: educate your family about the importance of animals, do not buy plastic products, or throw them in the lake, nor ocean. All animal species have to be protected so they can live long healthy lives. There are many different organizations we can volunteer at the help wild life animals.


There are many different emotions for animals. Animals have to be protected by any means. Animals have the right to live freely and not be harm by anything or anyone. As humans we must keep our oceans cleaned and our animals from danger. Many groups have come together to fight for these rights. Sometimes it has not been a good outcome but people didn’t give up. Therefore, animals lives should be respected because they have equal rights to protect them.

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