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A Compare and Contrast Essay Featuring The Life and Loves of a She-Devil and Medea

The two novels, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil and it’s senior Medea, tell a story of a double-edged sword, like two mirrors facing each other in a corridor. These stories of women and the privation they face(d) are the only thing intertwining them …

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A Compare and Contrast on Joan Miro’s Paintings, Untitled and The Magic of Color

In the Menil Collection located in Houston, Texas, the museum holds pieces of art by Joan Miro in both surrealist exhibit and the modern art exhibit. With “Untitled” (1933) being located in the surrealist exhibit and “The Magic of Color” (1930) located in the modern …

ComparisonPaintingVisual Arts
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Comparison Of Time-Frequency Representations for Environmental Sound Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

My essay is on the paper presented by the author Muhammad Huzaifah on the topic Comparison of Time-Frequency Representations for Environmental Sound Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks. This paper has introduced the importance of environmental sound classification which can be performed using the convolutional neural …

ComparisonComputer ScienceInformation Technology
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Compare and Contrast Sandro Botticelli and Hans Memling

When it comes to making an analysis in the history of world arts around 15th century, Sandro Botticelli and Hans Memling are notable for being the most significant painters around this time. Both artist have paintings based on various Bible stories that appeared quite rapidly …

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The Role of Social Comparisons Processes in the Psychological Outcomes

Eckles, Franz, Okdie, Rose, & Vogel (2015) were interested in exploring the relationship between the use of social applications (e.g., Facebook) and its relationship between social comparison orientation (SCO). Unintentionally people compare themselves to others, and with the advancement of technology and social networking sites …

ComparisonFacebookNetworkSocial Networking
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Comparison and Contrast of the Major Ideas Between Khomeini and Qutb

The basis of civilization as we know it goes along with the pretense of justice. Justice allows us to live together in unity, interact with others and exist in a society. However, there are many different societies that spread across the earth. Each has their …

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A Comparison Between “The Big Red Apples” by Zitkala Sa and “Lullaby” by Leslie Marmon Silko

Dating back to the late 19th century, numerous Native American authors penetrated the American literary sphere to engage in a cross-cultural discussion of the United States’ history of Indian boarding schools as a means of assimilation for minorities into the “American” way of life. Specifically, …

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Comparison of Performances of Different Machine Learning Classifiers

Programming simplifies every task in the human world, evolving with every new technology. It is reshaping, redefining and realigning the world with every new byte. Without computer science, countless devices that we rely on today would not exist – from space shuttles, medical devices to …

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Relationship Between Exposure to Fashion Media and Fashion Clothing Involvement

The researchers investigated theoretical connections between media exposure and fashion. They conducted two studies using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Results indicated that fashion involvement is motivated by social comparison and the reason behind is exposure to fashion media, cognitive dissonance reduction and peer influence. …

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How I Chose My Future Profession

Around the world, every young adult is forced to face the life decision of going to college. Those wise enough to try it, have to come up with a path to focus on without even experiencing a drop in real life. When one hears of …

Career ChoiceComparisonWhy I Want to Be a Nurse
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What is comparison?How do we overcome it.

Maybe you’re struggling under the weight of constant comparison, always falling short of the impossible standard you have in your mind. Maybe you’ve lost friendships because of your constant need to be the best, or your relationships have lost intimacy because comparison has stolen your …

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Contrast and Comparison – Pregnancy and Birth in the United States and the Philippines

Motherhood, a single word, but one that holds such meaning and is revered by cultures around the world. From pregnancy to birth, this stage of life inspires and holds the promise for the next generation. Though the process of pregnancy and birth are biologically similar, …

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How to Pick the Right Software: My Own Advices

Before I stated the research for comparison, I research how to pick the right software. Using two different sites that can be seen in the references of this paper. We can take the uncomplicated effortless way or the right way in choosing the correct healthcare …

ComparisonComputer ScienceInformation Technology
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Recommendation for a New Company Car: A Compare-and-Contrast Report

When it comes to buying a vehicle everyone has the same general checklist – price, features, reliability, all major factors each for an important reason. So, when it came time to research a new company vehicle, two stood out: the 2018 Toyota Corolla L and …

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A Comparison of a Medical Career to Journalism

The first career of choice is a medical doctor. They are responsible for examining, diagnosing and treating patients. Medical doctors should be people who have the passion for making improvements in other individual’s lives. The probability of finding work for a medical doctor is often …

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Comparison between Scholarly and Popular Science Articles

Could you imagine that your hair products may possibly give you asthma? This is what has significantly been conveyed to us through two journals we are about to discuss. These two write ups has beautifully covered the issue but with different genre and are categorized …

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Comparison of Wearable Fitness Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular in personal healthcare. Tech Companies advertise these devices as accurate and user friendly however, there are no objective research results to prove it. This research proposal proposes to compare four wearable fitness watches. Experimental data will be taken …

ComparisonManagement AccountingTechnology
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Clash of Warriors: Exploring the Knight vs. Samurai in Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan

The contrast between knights and samurai, two legendary warrior groups from feudal Japan and Medieval Europe, provides a fascinating look at the various martial practices and social conditions of the period. The principles of chivalry and honor were upheld by both knights and samurai, who …

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