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The Reasons Why Wild Animals Can Be Kept in Shelters with Professionals

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The wildlife services admit over 2,000 animals every year and maintain a release rate near 65% in animal rescue. There are many wild animals out there who can be in danger of extinction. There are reasons why wild animals can be kept in shelters with people who have experience with wild animals. Some people think that having wild animals in shelters is not good for them and they have their reasons why. Wild animals like zebras, camels, tigers, elephants, snakes, horses, donkeys, and sea animals are kept in shelters. Although animal shelters and wildlife rescues have gained a bad public perception, they are actually more beneficial than they are harmful.

PETA is a group of people who are against animal shelters. They express their opinion about animals being killed for leather or being eaten by humans. PETA has an issue with Sea World Company because they think it is cruel to have wild sea animals for shows or held in captivity. PETA had protests and even called Sea World a prison, but that's PETA opinion. On the other side Sea World says that the reason for having animals in their shelter is to rescue the animals who been injured or abandoned, but they don't keep them. Sea World only keeps the ones who aren't able to survive. Others think that having wild animals in captivity or as a pet can be dangerous.

People say that no matter how wild animals are trained they can easily kill a person. People who own shelters have different type of wild animals that they take care of. For examples zebras, lions, horses, elephants, tigers and many others from the wild are much healthier when they stay in the shelter. In fact, people work in the shelters making sure they have nutrition in their system and giving affection, training and focusing on their behaviors. People who own shelters and have wild animals rescues often create non-profit organizations to be able to make money through donation just to keep the wild animals alive.

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Additionally wild animals that are in shelters are there for safety, animals that come from a wildenvironment are being rescued from people who try to kill them or hunt them just for business. Cats and dogs are sheltered the same way. If they are found homeless they are rescued and put into shelters until they can be adopted. Likewise people make their own website posting animals rescue stories to try and get people's attention in order to find the animal a good home. People can also volunteer to take an animal rescue in for foster care. Heart N Hands animal rescue is a shelter that has wild animals and pets. People come to volunteer and they even interact with animals that they have never been around and they get attached with them.

Other shelters rescue wild animals by giving them food or checking on them, but they don't keep the wild animals. People let the wild animals free but their project is to keep them safe. Some are kept but they put them in a big place where wild animals are free to run and not worried of being in danger. Wild animals like horses are kept in a ranch where the owners have them trainedand give affection of love. People who love horses can be taken care by veterinarian who have experience of animals and learn how to understand them.

The owners always have a veterinarian who is always there to help the horses when they are injured. The same thing with cats and dogs their owners are always there to give them love and when they get injured the owners take their dogs or cats to an animal hospital just to keep them save. Therefore people who own horses, dogs, and cats they don't have them just to keep them away from being free, but they keep them just for being there when they need it.

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