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Motivation Towards Completing A Masters Degree In Marketing Education Essay

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In this essay I would wish to discourse the factors that motivated me to make my Masterss in selling and besides why I choose Bangor University. Since childhood, assorted facets of the concern universe intrigued me but the most challenging of them all is marketing. Here, the primary ground for which I wanted to prosecute MBA in marketing from Bangor University ; I steadfastly believe that I will be profiting in my professional every bit good as my personal life. I am keenly interested in heightening my cognition farther beyond my place state, therefore I found Bangor Business School is an first-class topographic point to hone my professional accomplishments and thereby hold a bright hereafter. I steadfastly believe in motive and Maslow 's Hierarchy Theory motivated me a batch to take my Masterss. My attack to acquisition is same as that of the Sensor Stimulation Theory ( Laird, 1985 ) . Larid suggested that bulk of the acquisition is done by detecting, which is about 75 % and I agree with him. The issues that anticipate in a group work can be of many grounds ; I personally faced many group work jobs for the last two old ages when I was working at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited ( BPCL ) , India. The jobs which I faced while working at BPCL in group work are deficiency of treatment about the undertaking work and personal self-importance jobs with the squad members. Rectification could be done when all the group members meet frequently and discourse their several jobs or a strong determination from the direction side will besides works for the jobs faced in groups.

What motivated me to analyze my Master 's grade at Bangor

Harmonizing to Meahr & A ; Mwyer ( 1997 ) `` Motivation is a theoretical concept used to explicate the induction, way, strength, continuity, and quality of behavior, particularly purposive behavior '' . The theory that motivated me to analyze my Masterss is Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs Theory ( Abraham Maslow, 1943 ) .The theory is fundamentally a classical definition about the human motive. Maslow Theory is explained on the footing of five demands of a human being. The basic five demands are as follows,

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1. Physiological demands.

2. Safety demands.

3. Social needs.

4. Esteem needs.

5. Self-actualization demands.

Physiological demands can be defined as the basic demands such as air, nutrient, H2O, vesture and shelter or it can be defined as the basic demands of a human being, without the basic needs none can last in the existence. Emotional, physical and environmental safety comes under the safety needs. In item the safety demands can be of security from occupations, household, wellness etc. Bing a mortal psyche the support from the life spouse, parents, equals etc. is pertinent and this known as societal demand for a human being. It may besides include the attention and fondness besides. One can accomplish his/her ends in life merely with the support from household and friends. Internal and external regard demands are the chief demands for any human being. Internal esteem demands means the demand that is developed inside the individual, which could be self-respect, assurance, freedom etc. Some people are extremely confident about the way where they are going and they will be surely accomplishing their ends without any obstructions. External regard needs comprises of power, position etc. Peoples in the society are extremely witting about the position and the power that they are keeping in the society and this motivates them to accomplish their ends. Finally comes the self-actualization demands, self-actualization can be defined as the desire for self-fulfilment. Self-actualization means the strong desire to accomplish our ends by mensurating our capablenesss. It besides helps to derive more cognition and do the life more originative. When we grow psychologically the chances besides grow continuously. The last factor of Maslow 's theory that is self-actualization influenced me a batch, from my school degree itself I was really much interested in the concern sector and I came to this field. After reading this theory during my graduation yearss my purpose to take the Masterss increased. I can hopefully state that this theory motivated me a batch to take my Masterss.

After my graduation in Mechanical Engineering I had been working in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India. At that clip my head ever believing about the Masterss and I started look intoing for good universities and I found Bangor would be the best pick for me to take the Masterss and to accomplish my end. When I was traveling through the university website many things attracted and it found to be interesting every bit good. The chief thing is it is one of the oldest and celebrated establishments in UK. It had an overall experience of more than 120 old ages in learning with the international pupils and when I looked the superior chart I found Bangor University is holding a good rank. Many of my friends told me Bangor Business School is the best pick to take your Masterss. The other of import thing about this topographic point is the cost of life ; it is really low when we are comparing with other universities and metropoliss. The university is holding a broad scope of library and IT resources. Bangor is besides holding a strong research wing and I like to make my research in selling sector here itself. Bangor is besides holding a good occupation zone which will assist the pupils to acquire their portion clip occupation easy. Many calling workshops are conducted by the university, by this we will be acquiring aid in doing a course of study vitae, how to go to an aptitude trial and competence about interviews. More over Bangor is holding a beautiful geographical construction and the metropolis is quiet and free from the noise pollution. All these factors made me to take my Masterss in marketing from Bangor.


Learning can be defined as the lasting alteration in one 's behavior or potency from a direct or indirect experience. My attack to acquisition is about like the Traditional centripetal stimulation theory ( Larid, 1985 ) which explains that the acquisition comes to the maximal degree when the senses are stimulated. Larid 's theory chiefly focus on the five basic centripetal gesture of a human being, which tells us that in bulk of the grownups which is about 75 % acquisition is through seeing. Hearing comes following with merely 13 % , and the remainder three senses such as touch odor and gustatory sensation comprises merely 12 % . If a individual is holding a good multiple senses, he can be a good scholar. Harmonizing to Burn 's `` The constructs of persons have different demands and concerns at different times, and that they have subjective readings in different contexts '' . From my personal experience I can site out that Larid 's theory is a really good attack to larning. I had done my graduation in mechanical technology and at that clip we had to analyze a batch about the working of large machineries like lathe, crunching machine, cosmopolitan proving machine etc. At the clip of talk in category about the working rule of machines I was non to the full digested about the working, but when I go to the lab and see the working of these machines I was to the full convinced about the working. This is the same instance when we are analyzing about the working rule of car engines. From my childhood I prefer to see objects instead than hearing about it. I had some other attacks besides towards my acquisition which is known as attack for accelerated acquisition. It consists of four chief aims, they are



Track advancement.

Make it for life.

( Beginning: - accelerated learning )

The first thing that should be in one 's head when he/she starts their acquisition is end and aims which can be called as mark. Making the mark is the first measure towards our end, from this minute one can put their way towards their end. Target can be divided into three factors. The first factor is one should happen and analyze the ground why he/she set this end. The 2nd component is one had to research their end, which means one must hold a good thought about the end and besides about the life after accomplishing the end. The 3rd factor is one must hold clear cut cognition about the aims which he/she had to finish on the manner to end. Planning has a great importance in acquisition. After puting the end one must fix a class map, in this they had to be after their survey clip, clip for making their assignment, reading articles besides clip for amusement. If there is no amusement a individual can be narrow minded. For all this a good planning must be at that place. Normally from my childhood itself I had a good planning about my surveies and this helped me a batch to make my end and that helped me more when I was working in building field. In building field planning has a great value and there we had to be after the work for the coming two or three hebdomads in progress. If one 's planning fails company had to endure a batch. After be aftering about the surveies he/she should fall in line with the surveies. During this process one can hesitate on occasion and look into whether they are traveling in right path or non. If he/she is traveling in the incorrect way of their mark they had to recheck their planning and the correct it. I normally follow this manner on my surveies because by this I can cipher how far my mark is and how much distance I had screen on my manner to the mark. The concluding factor is 'Do it for life ' , means after making the end 1 must do some clip to bask what they had achieved. So when 1 is utilizing their cognition, so they can reenforce their self-image which will give them a great sense of satisfaction.


While working with an person or a group of people, one 's attitudes and behavior alterations which is termed as societal influence. When we are working in a group many jobs can come into drama. It will impact the smooth working of an administration. So when we are get downing a group work we must be cognizant of the issues that can originate in a group and we must be ready to work out the issues. The issues in a group work can be as follows

Problems due to hapless planning.

Less control on the procedure.

No new thoughts or information on treatment.

Lack of treatment about the thoughts.

Unable to finish the undertaking on clip.

Poor engagement by the group members.

Frustration between the members in the group.

Playing a domination function by a squad member.

Being of the mark.

Communication job.

( Beginning: - Berk and Lintem )

Planning plays a polar function in a group work while making a undertaking. If one is non holding a proper planning so he/she will non able to run the undertaking swimmingly. When I was working in a mechanical house we gave more importance to planning section because there we are utilizing heavy Cranes for the hard-on of equipment for a high menu and if the planning fails everything is gone. So when we are get downing anything we must be after it really good. Not at all for occupation, when one is making a group assignment during their surveies besides a good planning must be at that place. When one is making a group assignment a individual must be at that place to principal the squad and take the group members in the right way. Otherwise every group members will be in confusion about the proceedings and this may do many jobs. If the group members are holding no new thoughts or information about the work they are making, so they will non be able to finish the undertaking in clip in a good mode. One should be good cognizant about the subject that he/she is making.

The of import factor in a group work is the treatment. The squad leader must name a group meeting and discuss about present place of the work, how they can continue, new thoughts etc. If there is no treatment traveling on about the schemes, so the squad members will be executing consequently to their want and later it becomes really hard to finish the undertaking in a good manner. Merely from a balanced treatment new thoughts will be emerged.

Time direction is one of the critical factors in a group work. There must be a clip tabular array and the group should supervise it. If there is no prioritized clip agenda for a undertaking and at the last minute the group had to scramble to complete the undertaking and finally fails to run into the outlooks. In some instances some of the group members did non take part in treatment and they will stay quiet and merely hear the treatment merely. As a consequence the other the squad members had to work a batch to counterbalance for this and it effects the smooth operation of the group.

Frustration among team members is a rather normal job happening in a group work. In a group, if he/she thinks that their thoughts are non giving any importance or penchant by the other group members and as a consequence they will be acquiring frustrated and because of this a batch of jobs may originate. At the clip of treatment when one or two dominates the session other squad members may believe that their thoughts are non giving any precedence and it may impact the squad outcomes.

Being of the undertaking means, after acquiring the undertaking the squad members will non take it earnestly and they waste clip on playing or dish the dirting. At the last minute merely they will be cognizant about the undertaking and fails to complete it before the deadline. This is normally seen in many of the group works. Proper communicating among group members is a really of import factor in a group work. If there is no communicating between the squad members they ca n't bring forth a good end product. This is one of the chief jobs that I had faced when I was working in BPCL, India. How one can get the better of the above sited jobs in a group is discussed below.


For work outing the jobs in a group work there are many attacks, it chiefly depends on the jobs nature and the individual who had involved in that job. Usually rational attack is use to work out the jobs. Rational attack means analyse the job, cheque for options, measure every option, select one, use it and look into whether the job is rectified or non.

Adequate clip must be given to the group members to present themselves such as their name, individuality etc. A brainstorming subdivision should be conducted to develop an thought about the group undertaking. In that subdivision select one individual as a squad leader and make up one's mind the day of the month and clip for the following meeting and start to work on the undertaking. This will assist to finish the undertaking in a better mode. This will assist to rectify the job which causes due to decelerate start and hapless planning. In the brainstorming subdivision every squad members must be at that place and each one had to lend their ain thoughts. After bring forthing the few thoughts evaluate it and seek for farther. If these attacks are non working they can near the coach for counsel. List out the thoughts which are proposed in the treatment and they must be certain that all the thoughts had been tested. Promote the squad members to acquire some violative suggestions sometimes it may assist to make new thoughts.

For deciding the jobs related to the clip direction, timelines must be established in which all the group members must hold on that. For every meeting the squad member must come with a advancement study on what they had been making after the last meeting. The squad members must assist each other for the completion of undertaking, for illustration a individual is non able to make his work due to some unwellness or some other ground.

One of the other jobs in a group will be deficiency of engagement by members. For this the squad had to found out why he /she is quiet and non active. Make a confab with that individual in the presence of a non-participating member to acknowledge the ground for the absence of engagement and the 1 who had talked must seek to work out it. I had a similar experience when I was working in BPCL, India. We handled the state of affairs in the same mode and the ground for that cat was some household job. Next we can look into out how one can work out the defeat between members. Every member must esteem the thoughts of others and this does n't intend that one had support the other people 's thought blindly. They can measure and supply productive remarks about the thought. When 1 had to differ with one 's thought do it gracefully and the squad members must bear in head that they had to travel for dialogue and comprise while working in a group.

In some group work issues may expect when one or two members dominate in the treatment and to decide this, squad leader must take attention of it. Every squad member must be given opportunity to explain their thoughts. So when a individual is transcending the clip bound one can state courteously that your clip bound is over and allow us now hear what others had had to state and it will be utile for you besides. For work outing the communicating job foremost of all one had find out what are the issues that consequence a group work because of hapless communicating. Then look into out for which undertaking it is chiefly set uping. For illustration, if there is a misinterpretation between the squad members one had to take stairss to work out this by giving a clear thought about the undertaking and clear up their uncertainties.


No can last in today 's universe without larning. I can hopefully state that self-actualization demand in Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs Theory motivated me a batch to take my Masterss in selling. Why I choose Bangor University for my Masterss is that Bangor is keeping a good rank in the top universities rank list in UK and the cost of life is besides really inexpensive when compared with other metropoliss in United Kingdom. My attack to acquisition is about comparable to Larid 's Traditional centripetal stimulation theory and the four factors that bear on head while analyzing is mark, program, track advancement and make it for life. Group work will assist an person to hone their capablenesss. I had sited many jobs in a group work in this essay on which some of them are from my personal experience besides. Conflicts in a group can be of many grounds and the important facet is how a individual can cover the struggle and how to decide it.

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