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Admissions letter for Forensic Nursing Program masters level

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Interest and influence are two main reason why I want to pursue a Forensic course. Influenced by people who are dear to me serves as my motivation in order to succeed in this field of Nursing. Personal experiences gave me learnings and responsibilities that molded me to be what I am now.

My endeavors in life that I wished to happen at the right time comes with great purpose. This is for me to finish my masters degree in a Forensic Nursing program offered by Duquesne University Pittsburgh,  PA. I can say that my previous experiences in life has great impact once I mixed it with a Masteral Degree.

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My optimism helps me accept problems as challenges that are vital for me as an individual. I can say that I am a good student and willing to risk myself in every task assigned by my mentors. I have so many dreams and aspirations in life and I am looking forward to a brighter career in the field of Forensic Nursing.

Looking back, I see my personal and academic experiences as stages of growth that have helped me to understand my own potential and the road that I wish to take in life. While vast opportunities are before me, I feel that my true calling lies in the fascinating and challenging world of Forensic Science and Nursing.

I wish to study more about this field because I believe that choosing to undergo a program for my masters at Duquesne University aid me  to make my dream a reality and become a successful forensic scientist someday.

In addition to these, I was able to convey passion for this field since my childhood. That I have been interested in forensics since I was a child. I would often watch forensic files and unsolved mysteries. As well as the HBO series with the coroner Dr. Michael Boden and how unsolved crimes were solved by means of forensic examination and investigation. I am currently a single mother of three beautiful children.

They serve as my inspirations in life and my motivation to surpass all trials. I have worked as a full-time nurse and I was also inducted into the gamma beta phi honor society back in 2002, the sigma theta tha honor nursing society back in 2005 and the alpha sigma labda honor society back in 2005. Being an exemplary student I won the freshman of the year award in 2002 and became the Recipient of

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Admissions letter for Forensic Nursing Program masters level essay

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