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My first foray into the cutthroat world of office work was at the office of Verizon Wireless. Here I served as an account manager and was assigned various tasks relating to accounts management. The work involved required me to seek out and win over new clients for the business as well as maintaining the company relationship with the already existing client base. It was at Verizon Wireless where I learned the various ways of dealing with clients. I learned how to satisfy the clients needs even if it seemed to be an almost impossible task. The experience I gained at Verizon Wireless can be considered to be highly valuable people skills that led me to believe that it would be possible for me to venture out on my own.

The work path I was traversing at the time led me to take a chance on starting up a company based on sole proprietorship. Out of the many business ideas I had in mind, I settled on starting a small business that I could hopefully develop into a moneymaking machine. Thus, Setra Logistics was born. At Setra, I became involved in developing a management company that centered within the importation, exportation, and transportation business.

The company's first business venture was doing local transport for auto auctions as well as shipping small cargo overseas. I ended up taking a loss at that time but I was not bothered because I felt that I was growing as a person and enhancing my management skills. Over time, I began employing more people and I learned to manage their individual work ethics and beliefs in life in order to bring out their full potential for the benefit of the company.  Through sheer hard work, patience, and perseverance, I managed to guide the company into a time of growth and at present the company is now a full fledged transport company boasting of an international clientele based throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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All these companies use our services for importing goods from the USA. Within the USA, we also have our own transport fleet that deals in transporting goods within the US. My biggest accomplishment to date though is that I managed to find partner companies overseas who can help hasten our logistics process in the aforementioned regions. At Setra Logistics, I manage a group of 7 employees of various genders, race, and nationality. It is because of the confidence I developed over the years here that I found the inner strength to try and establish another business venture. It is true that running a business alone is time consuming and 100% stressful but I have found that in the particular line of business Setra is in, it is best managed alone.

Later one, I realized that I was starting to outgrow Setra Logistics and needed something new to tweak my interest. After a get together with some other business minded people, we agreed to pool our resources together and established ACS ATm, Incorporated.  Along with my partner, I am now heavily involved in the ATM machine and ISO clearinghouse business. ACS ATm is a company that specializes in ATM machine installation as well as credit card services. My company is quite active in the New York Metro area.

My partners and I share the same vision of the future for ACS. We all look forward to managing the business so well, that, in the near future, it will become a leading processor for automated Teller machine software and hardware worldwide. Along with 3 other managers, our goal is to learn the ins and outs of the ATM transaction processing business and then, develop out own innovative ideas and products that will change the ATM transaction processing procedures worldwide.

Our plans for the future are not limited to simply operating ATM machines and merchant services. Eventually, my managerial partners and I would like to become the brains behind tapping the remaining 70% of untapped electronic cash markets using cutting-edge and highly innovative ideas and products worthy of being tagged as 21st century banking and e-commerce trendsetters

In the retrospect, I have to say that I am well versed in the languages of team and individual management. I am a skilled manager who can either run my own company, or develop a totally new company along with others who share my business visions. At Setra, I run a well oiled machine all by myself while at ACS, I learn to meet other managers halfway in order to achieve a greater success in the business venture.



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