Motivation and Job Satisfaction Essay

Last Updated: 17 Apr 2020
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As a manager, I think, that to increase motivation, and employee job satisfaction, also communications and raise the employee healing process rate, a rewards and recognition program could be a good idea and improvement for, the company.Therefore, planning and developing the reward programs, will be both challenging and beneficial.

First reward would be, to time off. Paid time off can act as a important and smart motivator for employees. For example, if you as a manager offer an employee an extra week of vacation and pay guarantee, you need to find an employee that has reached their five year service, they can be part of a package program, so they can improve their reservation. Employees achieve a normal attendance each week, they are more likely to get rewarded with a extra paid for a day off. Time off rewards package can be as simple as allowing the person to vote, like employee of the month, to take one half-day off each week during the month he regarded.

Second reward would be, to create a catalog Program.Catalog reward package is a program, that allows your employees to get the bonuses for their job that can be compensate through a prize catalog. Online working companies can help you in setting up this kind of a programs.This type of a reward program has one recognizable advantage. For example, if you want to give special important safety for a month, then you can reward every employee, that does not get into a time lost fifty points accidently. The other great characteristics of this program is the flexibility, that offers workers to be more fast and efficient, rather than you choosing more boring programs, that don't give no effort for your staffs, so now they can choose their own rewards.

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Being a manager, at stores or in business companies, you need have a policy, that employees would follow so they don't, take an action for something and get injured. But many workers get hurt or being harassed at a workplace, sometimes they don't get, the protection, that they need. So creating a Compensation Program, can help those employees, that have problems, that never gets solved.A command pay structure for sales professionals, works by rewarding a sales workers who closes more business with higher price and more money.

So this rewards package for non-commission employees can include a profit-sharing program, with higher performance bonuses and it, also lowers health insurance for employees who take part in the company wellness program. Assumed yearly raises for employees that meet those requirements and the standard performance criteria, can also be called as a motivation. For example, a three percent pay raise each year for employees who have a eighty five percent attendance rating is a motivating financial reward.

So in order, to achieve this program, you need good attendance, no violation at the workplace or any problems. As a manager, by giving and teaching all these, reward programs you need to make sure, that make sure employees understand and read the reward system as fairy and equally as possible, when employees read the reward system as fair, they will be more occupied in to try to obtain the reward. Rewards should be handout fairly, equally according to given policies.

Each Reward Program functions,correctly by manipulating the data of fundamental marketing, you can check at your reports or anything that is wrong in the company from the past month, and also it saves all the data so you can see that every. The rewards function offer reward packages as a motivation so can get the highest performance from your staffs. In order to function correctly you have to avoid offering only sporadic rewards, because employees, become frustrated, rather than motivated. An effective reward program can improve productivity, raise employee possession and give a customer satisfaction. Develop a smart and strong reward programs to get production results you need.

These Reward Programs are good type of programs, that are much more effective in order to drive a excellent performance, when rewards are tied directly to performance and the methods for each goal, you need provide importance of the programs. Also Catalog package reward, can play a major role to ensure focus and consistent performance.

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