Essay On Job Satisfaction And Work Performance

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The following is the operational definition of the variables in this study. Job satisfaction This refers to the individual’s general attitude towards his or her job. In this study, it is the presence or absence of the measured indicators. Work achievement This is the degree to which the employee feels that he/she is able to accomplish his/her tasks in her job. Working conditions This refers to the aspects of the work environment and the conditions in which the employee performs his tasks. In this study it is the time given to the employee to accomplish his/her tasks.

Task identification This refers to the employee’s commitment to his/her job. In this study it is the employee’s desire to have the same job even in the future. Work satisfaction Page #4 5. Work itself This refers to the very nature of the work and the quality of tasks inherent to the job. In this study it is the variety of interesting tasks given to the employee. 6. Relationship with supervisors This refers to the quality of the employee’s relationship with his/her supervisors. In this study it is the presence of consultation between employee and supervisor in goal-setting.

Summary In the past satisfaction was a consequence of motivation, but as managers and researchers have found, job satisfaction is a separate concept and thus should be studied in its own. The old view that monetary gain spell satisfaction has been contested we now know that this is not entirely true although it is widely accepted that money is a motivating factor. A valid study of job satisfaction should concentrate on the non-monetary factors that contribute to satisfaction. Job satisfaction is part of life satisfaction.

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The nature of one’s environment of the job does affect one’s feelings of the job. Similarly, since a job is an important part of life, job satisfaction influences one’s general life satisfaction. Future studies should look into the relationship of job satisfaction to general life satisfaction and how each affects the other.


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