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Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance Plan LDR 531 Table of Contents The Team1 Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance1 Motivation1 Satisfaction2 Performance2 The Plan2 References4 The Team The team is composed of four team members and one team manager; Mike, James, Mary, Katy and Barb. The team does a good job staying motivated and satisfied, and also performs well. However, there are moments the team struggles due to differences in attitudes, emotions, and values. The team manager strives to implement ways to keep the team where it should be.

The plan will address the ways to keep the team motivated, satisfied and preforming well. Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance The team currently has one thing that motivates them, satisfies them, and keeps them performing well, bonuses. The team works on different projects throughout the year. Meeting the deadlines on these projects keeps the team performing well which in turn earns them a bigger bonus check which motivates and satisfies them. However, there have been several instances where the team has not met a deadline and it has caused them their bonus for the project.

This then causes issues between the team members and keeps them from performing well, being satisfied, and being motivated. Motivation In order to increase team motivation, the manager has come up with two suggestions; get connected and show the team appreciation. The best way to get connected with your team is to build relationships with them. It is very important to let your team know you have their best interest in mind. By doing so, you also build trust. Very rarely do employees do more than just the minimum when they do not feel like you will do more for them. The key here is to establish a professional relationship, not a friendship.

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By establishing these relationships and getting connected with your team, you will increase their motivation. (Kearns, 2010) Showing the team appreciation is also something that will increase the motivation within a team. Doing simple gestures like bringing in donuts or bagels (something your team enjoys), shows you are thinking of them and appreciate their hard work. It is important that when deciding to do this, it is not overdone. Team members can start to expect such a gesture and you don’t want that happening. Satisfaction The team has expressed major dissatisfaction when it comes to working long days for several weeks at a time.

In order to overcome this dissatisfaction, the team manager has proposed the team take turns in deciding a schedule for the week. There are several rules that need to be taken into account, like hours of operation. By implementing this type of plan, the employees will be allowed to work out schedules that satisfy all of them and they get a sense of more than just work back. (Improve Your Employees' Job Satisfaction, 2004) Performance The most important thing to increase performance is to give regular performance reviews. This ensures that the team members and the team manager are all on the same page.

While in a team, it’s important to discuss team reviews as well. As a manager, it is important to do this so that the team as a whole knows how they are doing. It allows for corrections and for the team to know how well they are doing. Strengths are a great focus point, however it is also important to address the weaknesses so they can be corrected. (McCormick, 2012) The Plan The following is a detail of what the plan is for motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Months 1-3 * Inform team members of the plan * 1st individual and team performance reviews * Set expectations Start developing a professional relationship * Set expectations * Team manager only: Treat the team (bagels, donuts, etc. ) * Set schedule * Discuss rules for schedules during long projects * Set expectations Months 4-6 * 2nd individual and performance reviews * Evaluate schedule setting for long projects * Evaluate professional relationships Months 7-12 * 3rd and 4th individual and performance reviews * Schedule setting for long projects * Continue building professional relationships At the end of the year, there will be a yearly evaluation taking into account all the evaluations for the year.

It is a good way to show your team how far they’ve come. At this time, any changes that the team believes should be made can be addressed. References Improve Your Employees' Job Satisfaction. (2004, March 22). Retrieved from Entrepreneur: http://www. entrepreneur. com/article/70060# Kearns, K. (2010). Top 7 Tips for Motivating Your Team. Retrieved from Top 7 Business: http://top7business. com/? Top-7-Tips-for-Motivating-Your-Team&id=567 McCormick, M. (2012). Chron. Retrieved from How to Increase Employee Performance in the Workplace: http://smallbusiness. chron. com/increase-employee-performance-workplace-1950. html

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