MIS in Telecom

Last Updated: 06 Jul 2021
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These days each victorious organization has defined business processes and set of rules to ensure that the business related decisions adhere to the standards set by the organization. Management Information System (MIS) plays a significant role in successful definition, design, development and implementation of the company’s core business processes/systems; as they are supported by state of the art robust Computer Systems/Techniques to ensure NO Data Loss, Minimum Down Time and Maximum Mean Time Between Failures, which are key components for the continuity of the business over all.

Moreover, MIS provides the support for strong Disaster Recovery methodologies so that the business remains operative in case of different types of disaster situations. In the telecom industry of the present ERA, MIS has a significant role to play.Starting from Data Cleansing Acquisition, going through the phases of Data Loading an d Processing, implementation of business and production processes & Trend analysis; MIS finally enables the respective decisions makers with the following:

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  • State of the art integrated information systems for critical decision making
  • Robust Telecom system to run the complete business step
  • A Central/Distributed System for analytical reporting regarding different segments of the business

Collectively, MIS enables storage and processing of the complete business information; with overall purpose to make that information available on demand in the required format. To ensure smooth and efficient services of the business, every telecom setup is well-equipped with the MIS and it would not be wrong stating “strong and efficient the MIS, more reliable and worthy telecom services”.Without making use of the vast facilities/features of the MIS (Application Software, Database Management Systems, Web site publishing, Call Centre and CRM setups etc. a telecom setup is just an old-style, non-reliable, disintegrated and poor performing setup; with no possibility of the comparative features like Minimum Data Loss, No Down Time and Maximum Mean Time Between Failures. In these days, having strong MIS incorporated in the core business, Telecom Setup is recognized as fastest growing establishment in the country.

As an example, if we just talk about the Billing System of any Telecom establishment (Pre-Paid, Post Paid and Traditional Landline systems), it is a surprising fact that all their billing is supported by an efficient, complete MIS; which is scalable up to no limits and can support top management with any kind of business decisions. If a telecom setup suffers a severe damage to the operative MIS; and it becomes non-operational and different related segments face an MIS down time; which may result in following critical problems:

  • Poor image of the organization in front of their hundreds of thousands of the customers.
  • Severe damage to the integrity of the business data
  • Severe financial losses (just consider the billing system is down and customers are making calls all around the places)

No support to any type of business users’ like CRM & Call centre setups. Concluding the essential role of MIS in telecom, “NO MIS in Telecom means, NO Telecom Setup at all”

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