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Report on Wateen Telecom

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Wateen Telecom is the Abu Dhabi Group's latest venture in Pakistan. After the successful launch of Warid Telecom in Pakistan, which has a subscriber base of over 10 million customers in 145 cities, Wateen Telecom has been set up to become the leading "Carrier's Carrier" providing services based on quality, reliability and affordability in the communication and media sector. Wateen is committed to bring Next Generation services to your doorstep... today.


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Wateen Telecom is a part of Warid Telecom International LLC, an Abu Dhabi Group company led by His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan.

The group is one of the largest in the Middle East and has diversified business interests comprising oil and gas exploration, hospitality services, communications, banking, financial services, automobile industry and property development. The group has large investments and a strong presence in Pakistan. Owing to the significant patronage from the Abu Dhabi Group, Wateen Telecom, as part of the Warid Telecom International Group Company, benefits from an eminent portfolio of distinguished shareholders of Warid Telecom International L. L. C including:

  • His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Minister for Higher Education and Chancellor of the UAE Universities,
  • His Excellency Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahayan, Chamberlain of the Royal Amiri Courts and Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi,
  • His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Prime Minister of UAE,
  • His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad Bin Butti Hamid Al Hamid, Ruler Representative for the Western Region of the Emirate of  Abu Dhabi and Ex Chairman of Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning,
  • His Excellency Sheikh Saif Bin Muhammad Bin Butti Hamid Al Hamid,
  • His Excellency Dr. Mana Saeed Al Otaiba, Advisor to the President of UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi
  • His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahayan and Ex Oil Minister of UAE, Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari, Director United Bank Limited, Pakistan; President and CEO of United Technical Services, Abu Dhabi; President and CEO of United Eastern Investment Corporation; Director of Fruit of the Loom quoted on the New York Stock Exchange

The opening rate was Rs. 10. Wateen has also offered its shares for the public subscription on 20 and 21 of April. The price per share was the same. Telecom sector dynamics:

The overall teledensity in the country is 61. 9% as at Jan’10, where there are currently 95. 41 mn mobile subscribers with mobile penetration reaching 58. 2%. Total fixed line subscribers in Pakistan stand at 3. 5 mn yielding a teledensity of 2. 1%. Wireless (WLL) services are getting popular especially in rural areas and total subscribers of WLL stood at 2. 6 mn with 1. 6% teledensity as of Jan’10. The broadband industry has experienced healthy growth since last year showing subscriber growth of 55. 6% from June-09 to Dec-09. There are around 19 mn internet users which hold the potential to switch to more efficient broadband forhigh speed internet facility.

Following table shows the subscribers’ growth in different telecom ; IT technologie Structure: The structure of the wateen is upper to downwards. Which move from Chief Executive Officer to onward.  Business nature: They are doing purely the telecommunication business . The commercial launch of Wateen's mobile WiMAX services began with 22 major cities . Wateen uses MOTOwi4 WiMAX by Motorola. Other partners include Cisco, and Intel. Wateen is giving CPEi 600 & CPEi 300 to its indoor usage while CPEo400 for outdoor usage to its customers. Now offering its services on easily portable USB Dongles. Total number of employees: Wateen have more then 2000 employees in this short time period.

Vision: To introduceWateen Telecom in the European and North American markets and provide the leading telecommunications international voice services through a world-class cutting-edge network to deliver a broad range of reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services.


  1. To provide affordable communication services that meets and exceeds customers' requirements
  2. To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that are cost effective and conducive
  3. To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time Corporate Values: Simplicity: practical and easy to use Satisfaction: customer satisfaction is foremost
  • Quality: Premier services; no compromises
  • Innovation: Always at power to latest technology
  • Honesty: practice what we preach: integrity, ethics and open communication.

Wateen’s successful four years of operations in the telecom industry of Pakistan speak for itself. Some of the business’s salient features are presented below: Wateen is the largest alternative LDI operator in Pakistan

  1. Largest commercial and first nationwide 3. 5 GHz WiMAX network rollout in the world covering 22 cities and more than 1,100 sites (900 live).
  2. Largest operator of Satellite services in the country (c. 500+ MHz in use).
  3. Wateen has one of the largest Optic Fiber network pning over more than 10,000 km (including Government of Pakistan USF projects) across all the four provinces of Pakistan including metro connectivity in 22 cities. This network provides the backbone for Wateen’s National Transmission Services.
  4. Wateen with its Managed Capacity services (OFC ; VSAT) serves almost all the major GSM and telecommunication companies in Pakistan as well 86% of the Banking sector.
  5. Wateen’s FTTx (for provision of Cable TV services) and Infotainment products are also being nurtured to ensure maximization of long term shareholder value.
  6. Sales performance has also been quite encouraging and consistent with over 20,000 monthly additions to the broadband internet and telephony subscriber base.
  7. Sales growth rate has been far steeper compared to the industry average, evi-dent from the fact that Wateen enjoys over 60 percent share of the wireless broadband market.
  8. Wateen recently closed the largest syndicate financing transaction for the year 2009 raising PKR 4. 7 billion from leading banks in the industry even in these challenging times showing the confidence of the market in Wateen’s business model and operations.
  9. Wateen also successfully closed one of the largest Islamic Financing deal in the same period.


Wateen is currently providing mainly outdoor and limited coverage in the following cities: Wateen is currently providing mainly outdoor and limited coverage in the following cities:

  1. Abbottabad
  2. Jhelum
  3. R. Y. Khan
  4. Bahawalpur
  5. Karachi
  6. Sahiwal
  7. D. I. Khan
  8. Lahore
  9. Sargodha
  10. Faisalabad
  11. Multan
  12. Sheikhupura
  13. Gujranwala
  14. Okara
  15. Sialkot
  16. Gujrat
  17. Peshawar
  18. Sukkur
  19. Hyderabad
  20. Quetta
  21. Islamabad
  22. Rawalpindi

Political and Legal Factors

The government in any country plays an important role in the operation and manufacturing products and services in terms of regulations. Following are some of the factors that could cause Wateen brands to differ materially from the expected results. These are:

  • Due to the unpredictable political and governmental changes rules and regulation are changed quite frequently. Currently government has increased the taxes in the telecommunication sector that will also a harder in the smooth operation of Wateen stelecom operation.
  • Now a day’s Pakistani environment is instable due to political clashes among political parties. Inside country war and drown attacks bomb blasting in popular areas. These issues of political instability have led to unsure environment in the country, which is a threat for any business including Wateen telecom. Before WTO implementation for deregulation of different sectors of the economy, there are two types of Regulators held by PTA; the first is called the “Economy Wide Competition Regulator” as the Monopoly Control Authority. Also the political governmental rules can not be completely applicable in this sector due to the regulation authority of PTA.

Unseen and unexpected people sue on the company and wateen has to face many legal conditions and hurdles.  Environment of telecom is investor friendly and has great potential to gain profit because the trend towards internet is increasing day by day and still a big gap is there but The Government has increased the tax due to huge budget deficit and low growth of economy.

These kinds of threats are obstacles and have a great effect in the way of Wateen telecom.

Economical and Environment Factors:  Economic conditions are influenced by political and government policy, being a major influence affecting these can affect the Wateen telecom strategies. These can affect how easy or how difficult Wateen telecom is to be successful and profitable in the economy.  Over all economic conditions of the country is not very sound . Due to mistrust and unsecure condition and problems like terrorism in Pakistan the foreign direct investment has been declined.  This is the threat for Wateen telecom because not new investments in being carried out in this environment.  Due to inflation the cost of doing business is also gone higher.

This will influence the demand for the Wateen product  Increasing globalization has improved the influence of "Western culture" in Pakistan. The life style of Pakistani people is changing quickly. People are more conscious about their studies and society is moving towards education which is big room of expansion for the Wateen telecom. Technological Factors: Advances in technology can have a major impact on business success. Technological change impacts socio cultural attitudes as well as on economy.  The Companies with technology can compete and they are investing in their infrastructure to not only expand coverage but also to upgrade their existing systems. The current focus in cellular industry is coverage and establishing franchises which has a positive effect on the Wateen brand. Technology is changing much faster than wateen’s technology change. wateen is using HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) technology which goes obsolete and wateen had to introduce G-Pon (gigabit pon) technology. Ecological: During bad weather condition Wireless goes bad because its signals became low. Similarly recent flood in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhah had destroyed a lot of fiber which creates loss to wateen and whole telecom sector.

Porter Five Forces

Porters model is based on the insight that a corporate strategy should meet the opportunities and threats in the organizations external environment. Especially, competitive strategy should base on and understanding of industry structures and the way they change. Threat of New Entry: It is not easy to enter in this capital intensive sector of the Telecommunication industry. So, the threat of new entrants is low. Though the growth and potential of the sector look very attractive, still it is very difficult to take risk for a new investor because the penetration in the market would be very difficult.

As government of Pakistan is showing liberalism in case of telecommunication sector and opened its policies to award new licensees to new mobile service providers so threat of new entry is high. As set-up cost is in billions of dollars so in this case threat of new entry is low, but there are companies who are working to achieve licenses and approaching PTA to know terms and conditions for this.

As for this business companies need a well established distributions and franchises network so threat of new entrant is high in this case. Bargaining Power of Buyers: The bargaining power of customers in this case is very high because of the low switching cost in the industry. There are attractive substitutes available to the buyer even in the form of keeping the same cell phone number but changing the service provider. It makes very difficult for the market players to retain their customers. I think the brand loyalty can only be created through superior marketing campaigns and service.

Power of buyer is high in telecommunication sector

There are six market players and players are offering different packages at different prices and a situation of price war is running. Buyers have a power to buy any package which is suited to them.

Cost of switching from one company package to other company package is low. Hence, power of buyers is high.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

This is a type of industry where, at least in present times, the bargaining power of suppliers is at the low level because of the nature of inputs for the business. Moreover, with the deregulated and friendly environment given by the government of Pakistan, the industry has become more competitive and quality services driven.

The power of suppliers is low in case of telecommunication sector. But the fact is that numbers of suppliers are few in the market but they are competing in the market to make agreements with mobile service providers. Threat of Substitute Products: Although the cell phone subscribers are more than 95 million performance trade off are the most important to consider in determining the threat of substitutes. Actually, just the subscription of cell phone service is not enough for a company to get optimal profits but the real challenges is that how many existing customers are using the service regularly for incoming as well as outgoing calls. The quality of service is the parameter. Government also gave so many land lines and wireless local loop licenses to different companies like PTCL wireless local loop, GO CDMA etc. hese services in future will be like mobile phone services like they are planning to offer services a lot but currently they are offering SMS and CLI services to their customers.

Rivalry among Competing Firms in Industry

When the competition is fierce, obviously the competitive rivalry will be at the highest level. The very high level of competitive rivalry among the major players of the cell phone sector is clearly observable. Just look at the advertisement campaigns of the rivals and you can see how intense the competition is. It looks like a battle for supremacy going on between the rivals. All means of attracting new and potential switching customers are being used by all the competitors to gain as much market share as they can.

The Grand Strategy Matrix is one the techniques for developing a comprehensive strategy formulation framework for the organization. The grand strategy matrix based on the analysis of external factors evaluation affecting the organization is presented as follows.

Firms or divisions located in this quadrant are in excellent strategic position and can afford to take advantage of external opportunities in several areas and can do it aggressively. Firms here in rapid growth industry and have strong competitive position.

The appropriate strategies for the firms in this quadrant are:

  1. Market Development
  2. Market Penetration
  3. Product Development
  4. Forward Integration
  5. Backward Integration
  6. Horizontal Integration
  7. Related Diversification

Wateen Telecom is building and integrating the next generation of intelligent, converged networks with a plethora of key services and differentiators in the market. The primal objective is to become a carrier’s carrier and provide turnkey solutions for all customer requirements and specifications. At Wateen Telecom we are seeking innovative and intelligent people to help us design, market, sell and support our innovative ; intelligent product portfolio to a diversified evolving market. We strive to hire only the best, create an exhilarating work environment and above all else, respect each individual's unique contributions. An organizational culture has following elements

  • Organization environment
  • Organization values
  • Organizational rites rituals, and customs

Here are a few programs that demonstrate Wateen efforts to translate customer needs into better service and Wateen commitment to making a long-term positive impact on the countries we operate in: Working towards diversity: Diversity is key to our working environment. We employ people from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide variety of skills and training. Ethnicity/nationality: Diversity at Wateen must reflect the multi-cultural capacity of the societies in which the Wateen Group operates


We believe that encouraging an appropriate work-life balance is key to ensure that both men and women excel at Wateen Developing our people: Wateen offers extensive opportunities for learning. In addition to on-the-job training and transfers between different locations we offer a wide selection of external courses, e-learning programs and leadership training programs. Organization rites, rituals, and customs: Loyalty, impartiality and conflict of interests

Wateen respects the individual employee's right to a private life and private interests, but demands openness and loyalty to the group and the group's interests. You shall not take actions or have interests that make it difficult to perform your work objectively and effectively. Service to Wateen should never be subordinated to personal gain and advantage. Conflicts of interest should, wherever possible, be avoided. You shall never take part in or attempt to influence a decision or settlement if there is a conflict of interest or other circumstances exist, which could give grounds to question one's impartiality. Confidentiality Every employee in the group has a duty of confidentiality by law and written agreement.

You shall keep confidential all corporate and other matters that could provide third parties unauthorized access to confidential information, and exercise caution when discussing internal affairs so as to avoid being overheard by unauthorized persons. Equal treatment: Wateen strictly adheres to the principle relating to equal treatment of shareholders Organizational change and stress management: World is watching fast technological changes and there is a rapid change in designs and technologies in products. So it is very important to move with latest technologies which increase the cost of production.

So Wateen always come up with the change and for this purpose they always train there people for the change to reduce stress. Work stress and its management : We always train them to be stresses free. Because stress results in decreased job satisfaction, reduced production, and increased conflicts.

Strategies undertaken at:

  1. Corporate Level
  2. Business Unit Level
  3. Functional Level
  • At corporate level: The main objective of the business is to earn high revenues and high financial growth. In order to achieve such an objective the firm applies competitive strategy. The firm relies heavily on the business side demand of the product Being not old company the Wateen telecom is following build and grow strategy at corporate level At business unit level:
  • On the business unit level: Wateen is applying the diversififaction strategy’ so that it can enhance its product portfolio. In recent times it is evident since it launched its new product like broadband and wi. max. The corporate level strategy acts as a guideline for business unit level strategies at Wateen as corporate strategy is to grow and develop the high growth financially, so based upon which business unit level strategy pursues the same through diversification of products. Which at the end ensures many products to be ‘order qualifiers’ and most of them are sliding towards ‘order winners’.
  • Functional level strategies: Functional level strategies are basically based upon ‘SCMC’ which stands for ‘sales channel and marketing control’.The main responsibility of this department is to coordinate all the marketing activities and sales channel to ensure maximum efficiency in the operation of the distribution channel.

Management strategies

  • Decentralization: In Wateen they don’t treat their employees as someone who works for them, actually they all are treated as family members. Every manager is empowered to make any decision and is responsible and is an owner of each and everything that is happening underneath them. Once that happens then you have the liberty to make any kinds of decision what ever they want. At the end of the day the organizations require just one thing; that the employee somehow convinces the top management by giving them their plan.

The plan has to be based on some data and that data is what makes forecasting for your entire department. Once that plan is approved second step is the implementation of that plan. The employee needs to implement it and Wateen needs to come up with results. In Wateen all the managers are given the opportunity, through this they get the chance of learning because of the horizontal hierarchy. The employee interacts with all the departments and there is a great learning experience. End result is this, good or bad, the employees are the personally responsible for the results. Wateen doesn’t believe in micro management. The employee discusses the matter with assistant manager and then he talks about the matter with the segment managers.

Abu Dhabi group Relations with ministry of IT( top of all the regulatory authorities) Relations and liaison with all security agencies in Pakistan. Mr. Faisal is also looking after the relations with all the telecom operators in Pakistan. His relationship, my business development, my company’s future planning and forecast (long term and short term) it is him who is looking after these departments. He has a manager for Govt. relations, PTA, PAMRA, and Ministry of IT and couples others. Further more they have 3 to 4 persistent managers in their teams. These assistant managers then have senior executives then they have executives then they have junior officers. So it’s a whole work force which is supporting a manger that is looking after the entire department.

So all the matters are discussed with head of that department/segment and they can come with any kind of criticism being a 360 degree kind of interaction. Once they have decided something next thing is this that the managers give them a time line e. g. if there will be weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, they all must be 100%. In between them there is no relation between a manager and an employee. Telecom industry is a very close knit industry; the managers after the meeting leave the matters to the employees, of course if there is a problem they are ready to help each other. Management Information System Support system: Support consists of Maintenance and Monitoring services.

Maintenance services include traditional break-fix support such as troubleshooting and incident restoration within agreed upon service levels. Clients benefit through a reduction in cost and risk of IT support. These benefits are achieved through Wateen Telecom‘s depth of skills, adoption of best practices and economies of scale. Incident Management: is the process of controlling reported issues through to completion to achieve service continuity. When an issue is reported Wateen Telecom will do what ever it takes to restore the network as rapidly as possible. Reactive Problem Management is the process of analyzing the technology environment to establish what caused the incident.

We provide diagnostics and resolution recommendations as well as managed vendor access. Moves, Ads, Changes and Deletions: supports asset moves within client environments. Clients control the change process through owning risk management and scoping. Monitoring services form the foundation of complex managed services and should be purchased in addition to break-fix maintenance. To monitor technological environments in-house clients need to invest in costly systems and resources. Outsourcing this support function is often a financially viable alternative. Event Management: Is the proactive monitoring of devices and applications to assure exceptional quality of service through network health and security.

  • Performance Reporting: is available to clients through the online portal. Clients have access to a wide range of automated reports relating to the history, trends, health, usage and exceptions of all monitored devices. Configuration Item Tracking: is the monitoring of client technology assets in order to provide visibility of details and locations of the supported estate. Clients are notified of changes in the environment on priority basis, Improve system: The Improve function focuses on ensuring that client IT strategy, architecture and systems Evolve to support the business strategy. A thorough understanding of the required systems is essential in order to deliver the business strategy successfully.

We assist clients in aligning IT investments with business objectives through Truly understanding: he client’s business vision, goals and strategy Assessing the capability: of the client’s existing infrastructure, systems and processes to support the business goals Preparing a technology roadmap: which shows a clear path to efficiently advance the client’s current systems to meet future business needs Wateen Telecom’s technology: and industry expertise enables clients to cost effectively invest in new or redeploy existing IT infrastructure in a timely way to support new business initiatives. The benefits are derived through: Business Awareness: is achieved through the analysis of client business strategy and direction, and an awareness of the need to accomplish the most effective use of technology to deliver the business strategy. Technology Strategy Reviews: are completed to assess the ability of the current Technology Strategy to support the achievement of the client’s business strategy and direction. Roadmap Management: is the periodic review of existing IT Architecture.

The purpose is to evolve the roadmap to cost effectively progress the current IT Architecture over the medium to long term, to see to it that it is capable of supporting current and future business strategy. IT Performance Measurement: the assessment of the current level of performance of services provided by the IT department to internal and external clients. Service Efficiency Recommendations of the most appropriate course of action to improve current services are included. Manage: In the Manage function, Wateen Telecom provides a set of ITIL aligned service elements to improve the quality of service in client environments. These services focus on obtaining the optimal potential of the current infrastructure and are divided into two categories.

Service Support is the day-to-day operation and support, whilst Service Delivery is the long term planning and improvement of technological environments. | Service Support system: Problem Management is the minimization of the impact of infrastructure errors. Clients have greater infrastructure availability as a result of pro-active resolution of root cause problems. Change Management is the control of infrastructure changes to minimize service disruption, limiting the impact of change results in optimal service delivery. To enhance and preserve stability and security of the client’s IT infrastructure, Wateen Telecom takes ownership of change recommendations, approvals, deployments and testing.

Configuration Management is the control of all components of the IT infrastructureused in the delivery of services. Recommendation reporting enables clients to gain optimal business benefits from technology. Release Management is the administration of new software rollouts and hardware releases. Clients extract maximum benefit from infrastructure through the limitation of release related impact on system uptime. Service Delivery system: Availability Management: is the process of meeting and exceeding service availability goals. To achieve the set business requirements all devices have to be fully functional, to this effect Wateen Telecom executes additional proactive monitoring processes.

Capacity Management is the optimization of technology resources within contracted service levels. The capacity of devices and systems are monitored against predefined thresholds and results analyzed to identify areas of concern. Third Party Management: is when we undertake to engage with partners and vendors to achieve contracted service levels. Clients have a single point of contact for all issues from start to finish. IT Service Continuity Management: includes disaster recovery processes that ensure Wateen Telecom achieves and exceeds contracted HR Policies in Wateen telecom Human Resource: HR is another important microeconomic factor affecting the research work.

They should have the ability to deal with all sorts of public and situations in order to get their work done. Proper HR is the guarantee for good research work and it is the responsibility of HR department to design jobs and hire appropriate personnel’s. Competitive Pay: Wateen’s pay and benefits programs reflect how much the employees and their families are valued. These programs are among the most comprehensive and competitive in our industry. Wateen pay practices are designed to attract, motivate, retain and reward employees with competitive base pay complemented with short-term and long-term incentives.

Wateen believes in compensating employees in a manner comparable to our competitors in the industry. Wateen also fosters a pay-for-performance culture that provides employees with opportunities to earn higher levels of compensation and receive rewards tied to company, team and individual performance. Comprehensive Employee Benefits Wateen makes a significant investment in employee benefits, an important part of each employee's total compensation. The benefits program is reviewed each year to ensure that the plans are cost effective and continue to provide competitive benefits meeting the needs of our employees and their families The bar is set competitively high.

If you believe that you can make positive contribution in Wateen’s endeavors by adding value to your discipline or area of work, we look forward to hear from you and to welcome you into the Wateen Family. Packages for Employees: The wateen management is aware of the fact that only a satisfied worker can provide the required level of services to the customers. The branch firmly believes that a highly motivated and well-trained workforce is the key factor to success. So, staff salaries have been increased. Managing emotion at work: Emotions at work are very hard to handle and in order to manage emotions of the employee working at wateen there are always different programs that are conducted to settle the emotions and control the emotional atmosphere in the organization.

Training types

Wateen Telecom is providing five types of training to their employees to enhance their performance. These are:

  • Job Orientation
  • Positive attitude
  • Soft skills
  • Technical training (daily basis)

Methods of Training

There are many methods for giving the training are adopted by the Wateen Telecom. These are explained under following.

  • On the job training
  • Job Rotation
  • Computer Based Training
  • Audio visuals based training
  • Internet base training
  • Management games

Developments for Staff

  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Environment and Culture

The increase in usage of Wateen broadband connection was seen by the corporate sector because of Wateen fast speed, efficiency and negligible disconnections. Corporate sector are always on the run and unexpected timings or a new competitor makes the internet even more important because information has to be sent or received at the last minute. And Wateen offers the best quality service any business man can use. Of course internet users at home are treated with equal importance. Student packages have been developed to help the students who have lots of assignments, projects and research in their hands. At what stage in the product life cycle is the market:

Now Wateen is on growth stage in the market because in 2007 they have started their services in Pakistan.


Starting late January, Wateens’ WiMAX based products and services will enter into the commercial launch phase, thereby offering our products ; services in the following 22 cities pning the major urban chunk of Pakistan’s demography. :Karachi Quetta Lahore Gujarat Faisalabad Sahiwal Peshawar Bahawalpur Multan Abbottabad Hyderabad Sukkur Gujranwala D IKhan Islamabad R Y Khan Rawalpindi Jehlum Sialkot OkaraS argodha Sheikhupura Market trends: Due to limited sources of entertainment, television is probably the biggest source of entertainment for Pakistanis.

A growing number of private TV channels and cable TV, providing access to more than 100 channels, has kept consumers watching. Indian and Pakistani soap operas are the most watched programs. People usually prefer to relax in their leisure time by watching television with their families. Watching movies is an alternative to cable TV. Indian and English movies are preferred over low-budget Pakistani movies. Nowadays, VCRs are becoming obsolete, while DVD players and large plasma screens are in fashion, adding to the craze for watching movies. Evening is the prime time, that’s when people get back from their work and switch on the TV to relax. The prime time for TV is from 8pm till midnight.


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