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Spire Communications and continued to serve as a Sales Engineer for Expedite Communications prior to the merger and acquisition by Time Warner Telecoms in June of 2006 and having my position renamed as Network Application Engineer. Time Warner Telecoms continued to be known as such until it renamed itself as TWO Telecoms. It is not explicitly stated by TWO Telecoms company history there being a time period of company name change, though as being a former employee during the transition of naming conventions, I can attest to the challenges which will be explored further in the introduction.

The introduction will provide a unique history of a company which has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions, along with the current merger with Level 3 Communications. It is expected the reader is familiar tit all telecommunication technologies terminologies and basic functionality of the telecommunications business in general. For the purpose of this SOOT Analysis, the primary focus will be on that of TWO Telecoms and how the merger with Level 3 will impact its conduct of business.

Further, a brief mention of impact upon Level 3 will be observed and commented, making note how the merger and acquisition will affect both companies coming together as one entity. Introduction 3 This introduction will provide organizational history and mission statements of both TWO Telecoms and Level 3 Communications. By providing this information it will establish the reader with significant background to further understand the companies and their eventual merger and affects.

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Each company has considerable history so it is made known that this document will provide the most basic evidence in order to establish and provide information worthy of being admitted in a SOOT Analysis. TWO Telecoms History and Mission Statement http://www. Telecoms. Com/about-us/history/ Originally conceived by a Joint venture between US WEST (a Regional Bell Company) and Time Warner; Time Warner Communications was formed. In May of 1999, Time Warner Communications officially became its own entity and offered an initial public offering (PIP).

For a brief period of time operations were conducted under the name of Time Warner Telecommunications. It was during this time period the company was in negotiations as to a proper naming convention. Considering that Time Warner Cable, another Time Warner company, had a close and similar name, it was imperative the new name was distinguishable. In 2008 TWO Telecoms became the official name of the new company. Today, we are seeing the emergence and birth of a http://www. Telecoms. Com/about-us/vision-values/ Vision & values two telecoms commitment to its customers, employees, and communities shines in all we do.

Our Vision - People working with people to change the way businesses connect and communicate - reflects our promise to move your business forward, without worrying about the communications technologies that get you there. We Value: Service. We bring passion to the pursuit of extraordinary service. We listen; we care; and we deliver. Integrity. We are professional and accountable for our actions, and deliver what we promise. Flexibility. We are responsive and work with you to create innovative solutions that meet the challenges of your unique situation.

Putting your business first is at the center of what we do. Teamwork. Our people are our core strength and competitive advantage. We thrive only by working together, openly and collaboratively, with a common purpose and goals. We have industry leading capabilities, reliable solutions, and people you can trust. Introduction Count. Level 3 COMPANY HISTORY 4 http://www. Levels. Com/en/about-us/company-information/company-history/ Stronger Connections around the Globe From its beginning, Level 3 Communications was founded on the principles of the

Silicon Economics cycle: create a global telecommunications network with the scale to reduce unit costs, stimulate demand with these lower costs, support that demand by scaling even more. Level 3 created a network that serves as a foundation for the communications services of the 21 SST century by providing, among other things, information transmission over a fiber optic network and media delivery over a content delivery network. And we've grown to support the end-to-end communications services that businesses and carriers rely on. Level 3 was originally founded in 1985 as Kiewit Diversified Group Inc.

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