McDonald’s Conquer the World

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People from all over the world definitely knows who Ronald McDonald is. That clown mascot clad in a bright yellow jumpsuit whom both kids and adults have cherished throughout these years. McDonald's is the world's largest food service company which generates over $40,000,000.00 in its annual system wide sales. The company operates over 30,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. The world renowned establishment includes sit-in restaurants, drive-through windows and satellite sites which untiring cater to their customers.  As the company continues to expand, it has becomes one of the biggest employers in the United States where over half a million workers are employed.

McDonald’s has a very effective Human Resource Strategy which they implement consistently in order to give quality and standardized services that would guarantee customer-satisfaction. They follow a certain job structure which basically divides all of their workers into three groups, the restaurant crew members who hold the entry-level positions, the corporate staff who are in-charge of the corporate head quarters and regional offices and the franchise owners. The company welcomes part-time workers and has one (1) restaurant manager for every store who supervises its smooth sailing operation.

As part of its effective Human Resource Strategy, the company conducts rigid and highly structured trainings.   Employee training at McDonald's is highly structured. The Basic Crew Training System consists of on-the job- training. Each stage becomes more advanced where employees are tasked to develop complex skills.

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A one-hour orientation about the company serves as an initial introduction. Each restaurant is devised with its own video player and training room. Step--by --step manuals and video tapes cover every detail of the operation. The restaurant has 25 stations from the grill area to the front counter, Trainers use a series of checklists as new crew members move through the restaurant. A level of competency is demonstrated and the activity is checked off on the SOC--Station Observation Checklist. There is a follow-up SOC to get certified on the station.

McDonald’s has plans of implementing  a certification program which will govern how employees progress from the crew to the level of restaurant managers in order for them to keep track of their accomplishments. For crew members who have mastered a set of essential workplace skills, the management would be giving them a Workplace Skills Certificate. As part of the company’s campaign in scouting for employees who are fun-loving and accurate while delivering friendly serviced to valued customers, the following are the guidelines that they follow:

  1. Crewmembers are expected to report work on time, neat and clean.
  2. Frequent hand-washing to make sure that customers receive safe food.
  3. Skills and Training to provide employees with the expertise they need to perform the job.
  4. Standards: Crewmembers follow standard operational procedures so customers always receive exceptional quality ; service.
  5. Crewmembers rely on teamwork and high energy to get the job done.
  6. Cleanliness in all aspects.
  7. Making every customer feel like a welcomed guest.
  8. Crewmembers must deliver fast, accurate friendly and quality service with a smile.

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