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My Childhood Memories from McDonald’s in Canada

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As a person who spends a lot of time online watching Youth videos or just browsing, I've noticed a lot Of advertisements and some of them really stood out to me. I recall McDonald's having multiple advertisements before the start of the Youth telling you about their "all natural 100% Canadian Beef'. Having this before a video encourages the viewer to counting to watch the ad in order to see the video that you actually want to see. Another way McDonald's markets their foods is just by pictures with cleaver slogans or "good deals" on it.

Pictures of hamburger that take ours to prepare and "make" and even longer to Photos frequently appears in magazines and billboards are all part of marketing tactics. The huge blown up pictures of fries found in the subway stations and on the giant screens at Tarantula square are all there to convince you to go to McDonald's and spend money. Even something simple as having the golden arches appear in a movie increase the sales of McDonald's. 2) How does McDonald's specifically target children?

As a child, remember begging my parents to take me to a specific McDonald's which was 20 minuets away from our house because there was a lay place there. The colorful tunnel/jungle gym set draws in children of all ages to come in and purchase something just so they could go down the slide. Building these play places with the giant signs are clearly targeting children convincing them to come in and buy something. The happy meal with the collectible toys, the colorful packaging and the cartoons are some of the other ways children are drawn in.

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As shown in the video, children could easily identify the McDonald's Clown with ease while some struggled to identify George Washington. This is mainly due to the fact that through arresting techniques and advertising through television, the McDonald's clown has become one of the most well known characters in the child's mind. 3) What makes this movie persuasive? Unlike some Of the other documentaries out there that only point out the negative aspects of fast food, this particular video isn't one faced and it tell us both sides of the situation.

It is a well known fact that fast food is very unhealthy and this documentary just reinforced this point finally giving everyone physical evidence all set out telling you what the effects about. This commentary showed us regular updates from the doctors telling us the actual numbers has been gaining allowing us to have a very specific comparison. However, Morgan has mentioned many times that he did enjoy some of the meals at McDonald's and he did say that they taste good. He admitted that he got addicted to eating McDonald's and it physically made him feel better.

No matter how much you look at the negative effects, many of us will still go to McDonald's just because it tastes "good". Overall I think this documentary gave me personally an insight to the scary effects McDonald's on your body even though it tastes good. 4) In what ways do we need to be critical of the movie and its message? Even though this movie shows us the effects of the 30 day diet, we have to carefully consider the regulations and rules that specify what is allowed in the diet and what isn't.

It is understandable that the producers of the film want to raise awareness towards the deadly effects McDonald's Can have on someone. However, feel that the outlines of the diet were bias towards a more negative result. For example, during the 30 days, Morgan was only allowed to eat what was on the McDonald's menu and he was to consume 3 squares a day like a "typical American". However if you think about this thoroughly, whenever you go to McDonald's, do you order something different every time?

Something else to consider is the fact that since your getting fast food in the first place, how you will have the time to get 3 squares at McDonald's. I know that there are some people out there who do consume everything at McDonald's on a daily basis. And also know that the filmmakers needed to emphasis the effects of McDonald's but to a normal person, the rules of the diet were exaggerated. Another reason why the message and result of the film may have been manipulated is the locations where he ordered McDonald's from.

Throughout the film, he was asked to supervise the meal 5 times in Taxes. The movie also has him go California, New York and many other locations all over the United States. Because of this, the results of the diet come from a variety of places. In my option, if he were to have filmed this in the skinniest states in America rather than the fattest, he may have had less supervises and maybe even healthier "local specialties". 5) Does this film reflect Canadians? Even though this film was created in the United States, I think this does reflect Canadians to some degree.

Canada has considerably less McDonald's and fast food restaurants than the United States. Because of this, some may think that Canadians are a lot healthier than the Americans. However mainly due to the media and other influences, Canada has also adopted some of America's bad food habits and our diets have also been getting progressively unhealthier. Personally, I think that Canadians in general have more information displayed in the stores allowing people to have access to that information. (on the walls and on the sides of the boxes).

I also noticed that in Canadian McDonald's promotes the healthier options more than the unhealthier options. Other than that, Canadian McDonald's can be just as unhealthy as American McDonald's and its up to the consumer to choose. 6) How did McDonald's change after the movie Even though McDonald's denies that the movie influenced any of the company's actions, McDonald's did change a few things after the movie was created. Possible one of the most important changes they made was to take out the supervise option in their menu.

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