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Prince Charles indicated that by banning food from McDonald’s the nation would be healthier and have better eating habits. This is an unrealistic solution because not only does it not solve the problem of people eating unhealthy food, it interferes with the idea of free enterprise and individual rights. It is true that the percentage of obese people is increasing and there is a significant need to encourage exercise and healthy eating habits, but it should be a choice rather than mandatory.

By simply banning food from McDonalds does not mean that people will not cook hamburgers and French fries at home. Keeping people from being able to get fast food will not force them to eat better food. By banning food from one restaurant it takes away the owner and founder’s rights to earn a living. Although McDonald’s does have some unhealthy choices that can lead to obesity, it has added a number of choices such as fruits and salads to provide healthier choices for people who are conscious of their diets.

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It is important for the government and medical professionals to show concern about the increasing obese population due to the health problems that obesity can cause, but each person should have the right to make their own choice. It takes away people’s rights if they are forced to eat healthy. People should be encouraged to develop more healthy habits, but banning McDonalds is not the way to do it. McDonalds should have the right to sell food and people should have the right to eat it. Word count 262 Women and Stress

According to statistics, women are more likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder especially those in the military. There are several possible reasons for this including women have historically taken a more emotional or sentimental view of the world than men, women in the military sometimes suffer harassment from the men they serve with, and women who have left children behind are more likely to have feelings of quilt at the beginning of their tours of duty. Many studies in the past have shown that women react to situations with more emotion than men.

This would probably be true in situations where they see people dying daily and even have to kill some of them personally. Even though times have changed and there are laws against workplace harassment, women in the military are still sometimes not treated as equals by the men they work with. This could lead to feelings of failure and depression that women could bring home with them. Women in the military sometimes have to leave their children behind, which causes them to worry not only about their children, but also about not being able to see them again.

Men and women are both capable of suffering from stress, but because women take things to heart and personalize them more, they have a harder time forgetting them when they come back home. Word count 226 Save Iraq or Save Ourselves? It is important to help the country’s neighbors, but there comes a time when that help becomes more of a problem than a help. The United States has enough problems of its own with school shootings, mall shootings and all kinds of other violence maybe it is time to focus on controlling the violence at home, before it is necessary to have someone come from other countries to provide help here.

By having more military presence in the country people would not be as likely to act violently, people would be more willing to support the military, and people would feel safer. Having the threat of the military being present to enforce laws and rules, would help keep people from resorting to crime. It compares to how children act up more when the parents are not around to punish them. People are getting tired of supporting the military, because they no longer feel the military is working to defend the United States. Because of this, people are not as supportive as they once were.

With the constant threat of terrorism present, people no longer feel safe with most of the military forces half a world away. The country here needs the military to protect it in order to make its citizens feel safe. It pays to help other, but the welcome has been overstayed and it is time to bring the people home to take care of the country’s own people. Word count 241 The Overweight Boy It is not a good thing that parents would allow a child to get to the point of being four times over his ideal weight, but taking the child away from his parents would not necessarily be the best thing for the child.

The parents need education on healthy eating habits for a child, parent’s need to be monitored to make sure that they get the boy into an exercise program and the child needs to be put on a diet. It is not entirely the parents who caused the child to be overweight, but it is up to them to help him lose it. There are many programs that teach parenting education. Many of these programs teach nutrition classes. The parents and child could take classes together on healthy cooking, eating and snacks. The parents need to put the child in an exercise program and monitor it.

They should work out with the child if he is not self motivated to participate. There are a number of active games that can be used as an exercise program and provide entertainment as well. The child needs to have a diet plan developed for him and he needs to be monitored to make sure he stays on it. His parents could encourage him by eating the same foods he does. Although it is a problem when parents let children get morbidly obese, there are much worse things parents could allow children to do. These parents need to help their child become healthier and lose weight. Word count 254

Lincoln Quote Abraham Lincoln’s quote indicated that rather than spending his time worrying about the past, he was more worried about his own future. This means that people should look forward instead of backwards. This concept encourages people to not worry about what their parents accomplished or did not, it tells them to worry about doing their best in the present and to set goals for their futures. People spend a lot of time worrying about where they came from or what kind of home they grew up in. They live in the shadow of their parents or are expected to do well because of them.

Instead people need to worry about doing their best in the areas they are interested in and to not worry about what anyone else has done. In order to be an individual, the person needs to pursue his own interests instead of what is expected of him. In order to be successful, the person needs to plan out what they like and what they want to do. Each person needs to find out what they like to do and what they are good at then develop a plan to pursue those goals. Every person is an individual and needs to focus on that fact. No one should try to be someone else or worry about living up to someone else’s reputation.

Word count 225 Kennedy Quote The point of the saying about not negotiating out of fear is based on the same reason that the United States says it does not negotiate with terrorists. Negotiating out of fear gives the other person the control, negotiating to create fear in the other party makes them feel inferior, but negotiating for equal benefits is profitable and helpful. If a person has kidnapped a child and the parent gives the kidnappers anything they want, the kidnappers will either keep asking for more or will kill the child, because they no longer need him.

By giving into the unfair negotiations out of fear, the other party has all of the control and the situation will not end well. If the situation is reversed and the other party has no power in the negotiation, an unfair advantage is gained and the solution will not end well. It makes the other person feel inferior and they agree out of fear. When, however the negotiation is over something that will benefit both parties the situation ends well. If a person is selling a house it is okay for the buyer to make an offer in attempt to get a more acceptable price.

In the end the seller gets the house sold and the buyer gets the house at a better price. Negotiation is good when the end result is beneficial to both sides, if one side has an unfair advantage though it is not good for someone and will lead to a worse situation in the end. Word Count 254 Parent Provided Transportation Dear School Board: It is a great idea for parents to provide transportation for their children because the children are ultimately their responsibility anyway. It solves a number of problems for the school district, which is needed at the current time.

By having parents provide the transportation for the children, the school district saves money, there is no discipline problem on the bus, and the district is not responsible for the safety of the children on the road. The school district would save money through this proposal by spending less money for gas and maintenance on the busses. No longer paying the salaries for bus drivers except for the occasional school field trip, would also save the district money. When the children are with their parents, there is no problem with children who misbehave on the bus.

There would no longer be a problem with bus drivers who had to deal with children fighting or running around on the bus instead of sitting down during the ride home. With parents being responsible for transporting the children, the school district would not have to take responsibility of children’s safety on the roads. During bad weather or in case of accidents the responsibility would be with the parents and not the school. It would be cost effective and practical for the school district to have parents transport children. The buses are very costly and impractical. Word count 230

The Perfect Gift The perfect gift I could receive is success. This does not mean that I want to be a millionaire or famous. It means knowing that I have done the best I can to reach my goals and have accomplished what I set out to do. In order to do this, I need to choose a goal, work towards the goal, and accomplish the goal. The first step in being successful is to decide what I want to accomplish. Without a goal to work towards, a person can not be successful. I need to know what I like and want. Once I have decided on a goal, I need to begin working towards reaching that goal.

I need to have the drive and ambition to work towards whatever goal I have set for myself. When I have decided on a goal and developed a plan for achieving the goal, I need to focus on achieving the goal. By following the plan, I can achieve my goals and be successful. Being successful is the best possible gift anyone can receive, but it is not a gift someone can give to someone else. It is something that everyone must accomplish individually. I would like for someone to hand success to me, but I know I would appreciate it more by reaching goals on my own. Word Count 222 Memorable Event

It was the concert of a lifetime. I had waited to see this group for years, but they had not come to our town, until this summer. I bought the tickets the first day they went on sale. My best friend and I planned for months what we would do before the concert to get ready for it, we had a great time at the concert, and I will remember it forever. After we bought the tickets, we planned an entire day around the concert. We had events leading up to the concert to help us get ready for the concert. It was important to listen to the right kind of music all day in order to be in the right mood for the concert.

During the concert we were in a huge crowd right in front of the stage and we somehow managed to meet the members of the band after the concert. I had the greatest time of my life at the concert. I saved my ticket stub to remember how much fun I had meeting my favorite band. I knew that the next time I heard them on the radio I would be able to remember the concert. It is nice to be able to have positive experiences to be able to remember in the future. When I am an adult and have to spend my days at a job, I can remember the fun times I had when I was young. Word Count 245 Bragging

I have never been good at saying good things about myself. I can find positive things to say about other people, but it is easier to be hard on myself. I know there are positive things about everyone and I have my good traits too. I just never think about them. When I have to think about them, I would say that my best qualities are my ability to relate to people, my intelligence and my personality. I am a people person and like to make friends. I am good at getting people to talk to me about things and getting them to like me. I am easy to get along with and enjoy being around different people.

I am a smart person who likes to do well. I do not always live up to my potential, but I know I am very intelligent. I need to show this more. I think I have a great personality. I love to have fun and want the people around me to have fun too. I like spending time with my friends and bring out the best in them. I am a person who laughs a lot. Although it is not easy to brag on myself, I think I am a great person and like to be around other people. I thing other people like being around me as well. I want other people to know that I am a fun person to be around. Word Count 242

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