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Supersize Me Documentary: McDonald’s Experiment

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In the documentary Supervise Me, Morgan Spurious embarks on a Journey to eat McDonald's fast food for every meal for an entire month. One of the main reasons for choosing McDonald's Is that this company represents 43% of the entire fast food market. There are a few rules, including that he has to eat every Item on the menu at least once and If they ask to supervise the meal, he must say yes. The purpose for this experiment was to see if fast food companies are too blame for the obesity epidemic going on in America right now.

Some don't agree that obesity is that big of a deal, but sixty percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. I would call that a major issue. The fast food industry is most definitely partially to blame for obesity in the United States. Some people believe that it is not the companies' faults that people are becoming obese because that person chose to eat fast food. In a way, I do agree. But it is the fast food companies' responsibilities to make It known how unhealthy the food they are serving Is. To burn off a superseded Coke, fry, and Big Mac, you would eve to walk for seven hours straight.

In addition, Spurious found that most McDonald's around the country did not have nutrition facts available for reference In the restaurant. Morality plays a major part in this issue. The Catholic Social Teaching of life and dignity of the human person is what is at stake. For every child born in the year 2000, one third will develop diabetes. This will cut anywhere from seventeen to twenty- seven years off your life. During the documentary, Spurious loses muscle and replaces it with fat because of all of the Junk he is putting in his body.

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His blood pressure was raised, and he was at stake of getting seriously ill. If a person eats too much fast food, they will become sick. It is very possible for an obsession with fast food to lead to obesity, which is linked to many other fatal diseases. A person's life may be at stake, which Is not morally right. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are viewed as Individuals. Therefore, they have the right to express their pollen, advertise to anyone they please, and have total control over their business. The average child sees 10,000 TV DSL per year.

This means that companies are talking to children just as much, if not more than, their parents. If they were responsible with this power, then I would not have a problem with it. I think that there is a line between selling a product and doing whatever it takes to sell a product. If a company, like McDonald's, was appropriate in their advertising and kept the dignity of people in mind, then I don't think obesity would be a major issue anymore. This ties in with the Catholic Social Teaching of rights and responsibilities.

In conclusion, I think that the fast food Industry Is partially to blame for obesity In the united States. Everyone does have a responsibility for their own health, but fast food companies have their own responsibilities. They have the responsibility to make the Ingredients In their food known, and have healthy options. We as a country should hold them to this responsibility. With obesity rates rising, it could soon be the to our bodies and the fast food industry needs to realize that they need to do a better job of helping obesity rates decline.

Supersize Me Documentary: McDonald’s Experiment essay

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