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MBA admission essay

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“1. Discuss the career Objectives you expect to fulfill within five year after graduation how your graduate study at cal state will help prepare you to meet those objectives? ” Only a life dedicated to service is a life worth living for. This has been my driving point in order to reach my goals. I have the right mindset combined with dedication and hard work in pursuing my dreams of becoming a successful professional someday. My personal and academic experiences motivated me to fulfill all of my career objectives in the next five years.

My name is (insert your name here) and I came from the country Burma. I grew up in a closed community there and sad to say the economics sectors in my homeland have been mostly monopolized by some powerful business personalities that have connections with the government. I can say that the economics system in Burma is very corruptive. In addition to this, no financial institution can be found in Burma. Burma’s economy can be considered the cash base economy which is legging behind from advance financial systems which are adopted by my countries around the world.

Many people on Burma do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the advantage of financial system and there are no Trading floors or Exchange floors in Burma. I can say that this country needs talented people who can help in shaping and building the country and its economy. Based on the aforementioned information regarding the status of Burma, I am preparing myself to be well prepared in rebuilding its economic condition. On of my objectives is to go back to my country after earning my MBA degree. I hope to contribute the knowledge that I gained from the universities that I attended overseas.

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Right after I received my MBA, I want to become an entrepreneur and set up the very first financial institution in Burma. I anticipate that the institution that I will establish will grow and develop along with the economy of Burma. Slowly, I want to build stock exchange in Burma with full emerge economy. All of my objectives will not b made possible if I do not have the necessary knowledge and resources. Having lack of despair, I am sure that I can serve my country once I am done with my studies in the United States.

I am confident that the MBA program best offered by California State will provide me the necessary inputs that I need to run my financial institution better. Lastly, I have no doubt that I can fulfill my career objectives with MBA that I earned from Cal State. “2. What position of responsibility have you held (not necessarily Business related). What impact have these positions had on your preparation for a career in management? ” Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time and with a great purpose.

I believe that my previous responsibilities have a great impact in my chosen field. My previous job molded me and prepared me for a career in management. Universities in Burma were closed due to political reasons. Because of this, I opt to work in world class hotels in Burma so that I can earn money and use it to finance my education. I was accepted as a Guest Service Associate (receptionist) and I can say that I really loved my job there. It gave me opportunities to work with different people from all walks of life and deal with customers from various back grounds.

Working with different people taught me the value of team work and why it is important in every organization. I also learned how to provide customer satisfaction and why it plays a critical role in this competitive environment. My enthusiasm on my job made me learn all the possible ways of becoming a good team player. My previous job made me a competent person who is ready to venture for a career in management. I was honed in different aspects and enhanced my personality and professional skills at the same time. I realized so many things in my previous job like its demand on competence, motivation, and patience.

Working for the Service industry for four years, I slowly become very attentive, friendly, think and act professionally and efficiently. These are the traits that one should have in order to manage the business effectively and efficiently in this competitive era. I like to work in Service Industry, which could give me the opportunities that I look for where I could improve my skills, extend my knowledge, gain invaluable experience and grow together with them. All these I can say is a great exposure for me which made me more than prepared for a career in management.

I will be able to apply the skills and traits I gained from my previous job on m studies and future professional work. “3. What single event or achievement has been most significant in your life? What were the results of this event or achievement? ” We are what we are today because of every failure and achievements we have accumulated in the past. All these define our individuality and mold us to be what we are in the future. I can say that all my past mistakes taught me things that I should avoid because it will cause me no good. On the other hand, I consider my achievements as vital for growth and opportunities for success.

When I was studying my undergraduate degree in Ohio, I met many political refugees from Burma. Most of them are from one of the ethnic minority groups in Burma called Karen. They suffered physically and emotionally under the Burma Military regime. This caused them to be hopeless and lost all the time. Upon arriving in the United States, language barrier became one of their primary problems.

After seeing them for quite sometimes, I volunteered to give them the assistance that they need in terms of their smooth resettlement in the United Sates. Although they have food stamps provided by the U. S. government, they don’t know how to say the food names and talk to attendants about the food that they wanted to purchase and eat. They faced many challenges in conversing even if they are just buying rice at grocery stores. Even during weekends, I go and drove them for grocery shopping. I rendered service to them by teaching them how to drive and have them learn about basic communication skills. I also motivated them to have strength to build their live in third country. Sometime it became a burden for me to deal with many people while studying.

However, I learnt to overcome my burden with sympathy and understanding. Helping people from the same country which I came from and who were tortured and abused makes me feel that I already made a precious accomplishment in my life. I feel delighted with my volunteer works that I contributed during my studies at Ohio. And of course those are the valuable experience that made me well prepared me to handle difficult situation in the business environment. I honestly feel that those experience worth more than achieving any awards in this entire world.

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