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In order for us to understand any administration we have to either cognize about or make some research on it. So in this assignment I have chosen an administration. The administration I am making my assignment on is Polyflor South Africa. The administration will be described, including their products/services and their clients. In order to understand the administration we need to carry on a SWOT analysis, besides looking at barriers. If we have all the needed information from above we will understand the administration better and can get down with the selling program.

Question 1

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  • The administration I am traveling to depict is Polyflor Gross saless Africa otherwise known as Polyflor South Africa. Polyflor S.A is an industrial flooring company. The South African subdivision was established in 2004 by Denver Coleman and Sheila Coleman. The administration really originates from the United Kingdom where the first Branch of was established in Manchester.

Polyflor is all over the universe, they have subdivisions all over the universe. There are subdivisions all over Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. So they are fundamentally on every continent. Polyflor Manchester is the chief caput office.

Polyflor S.A is a household concern, where they all work together. The administration believes strongly in `` Team Work '' . And is all about profiting the consumer.

  • Polyflor S.A has a figure of different merchandises. All their merchandises are heavy responsibility, industrial merchandises. They do chiefly shocking but they got some other merchandises that is non flooring, it 's really got to make with plumbing.

Their chief merchandise is heavy responsibility, industrial vinyl flooring. Another merchandise of theirs is industrial meshing gum elastic tiles. They besides do wooden block mosaics. The merchandise that is non shocking related that is comparatively new at Polyflor S.A is specialized industrial drains.

As you can see all their merchandises are industrial merchandises so they meant to be used in topographic points where the merchandises will be introduced to a batch of wear and tear. You will happen their merchandises in mills, large edifices etc. The vinyl flooring can really be seen chiefly in infirmaries and in many of the luxury coach line drives. The merchandises are non truly used in a private capacity.

Polyflor does n't acquire their merchandises from merely one topographic point, their merchandises come all over the universe. Their vinyl shocking comes from the United Kingdom, from Manchester. That 's the majority of their merchandises they do. The specialised drains are imported from Germany. They do hold a local manufactured merchandise and that is the meshing gum elastic tiles that they really get from down the route from them.

They do n't truly supply a service as they sell shocking and other merchandises, but they do hold support systems where they will the aid at anytime. They ever there for their clients. They besides got a station sale service where they will help refering their merchandises. If a client is necessitating aid or general aid refering their merchandises, the employees of Polyflor S.A will ever be at that place to assist every bit much as they can.

  • For these types of merchandises there is non a immense mark market, as these merchandises are non used in a personal and private capacity. They are used in a industrial capacity, intending mills, infirmaries and so on. Polyflor S.A does non put in the shocking they sell their merchandises to the administrations who install it.

So Polyflor 's has non got an limitless sum of clients, but they do hold a big client base. Which the bulk of them are regular, on traveling purchasers of their merchandises. Basically, Polyflor merely sells to shocking contractors. Polyflor is non allowed to put in their flooring. So other shocking companies who do besides sell flooring and put in it. Purchase from Polyflor. Some of the chief flooring contractors that are regular clients are Peter Bates, Turner Piercing, Kevin Bates, Albert Carpets and many others.

Question 2

Looking at assorted administrations we need to understand them more. We can make this by carry oning a SWOT analysis. Basically a SWOT analysis is structuring of information, which is collected from the internal and external environment. It gives us a theoretical account in order to get down the selling planning procedure. Shows us the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of the administration.

Cloete ( 2010,21 )

So the SWOT analysis of Polyflor is:


  • They are a recognized administration, good known in the flooring trade.
  • They are known for holding the best quality merchandises.
  • They are an international administration, so they are recognised all over the universe.
  • Polyflor has one of the best proficient backgrounds in the flooring trade.
  • They are a household concern so the squad of employees work truly expeditiously and good together.
  • Keeping up in the new manner tendencies of today with their new designs on the flooring.
  • They are a really environmentally friendly company.


  • Finding reps that know about shocking who will be able to sell their merchandises.
  • Finding employees who are able to work with the merchandises and know about flooring.
  • Not holding plenty South African manufactured merchandises.
  • Geting bulk merchandises from abroad states, people need to acquire the merchandises and start assorted occupations utilizing Polyflor 's merchandises but they cant because Polyflor has non received the merchandises due to detain being imported from abroad.


  • The manner tendencies are altering all the clip, so Polyflor can hold new manner tendencies in the designs of their flooring.
  • Most people and companies are going `` Green '' , so they want to utilize more environmentally friendly merchandises. So Polyflor can sell environmentally friendly merchandises and present new `` Green '' merchandises.
  • Besides they could sell more locally produced goods, .
  • Polyflor could non merely merely sell to shocking contractors for industrial usage, but besides opening up a new market for people to utilize it in a private capacity.


  • Of class their chief menace is competition ; there are other shocking companies besides Polyflor. So they have to invariably maintain happening ways to remain on top and maintaining competitory advantage.
  • Another menace would be that most merchandises come from other international states, which sometimes the merchandises are n't delivered in clip. So clients could travel looking other topographic points.
  • Besides coming from abroad, the monetary value of the merchandises could alter easy, due to currency, revenue enhancements, import and export responsibilities.

All of these facets can hold deductions on the selling scheme of the administration. Therefore it is of import to make this analysis.

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