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Competitor analysis & SOOT Analysis". We are really appreciated by you for that this sort of Report you gave us. To make this Report we endeavor to follow your instruction and we also tried to analyze Grahame Phone, we want to mention that this sorts of Report will help us gathering preconception before entering our corporate life about core Marketing practices as well as company. We hope that within a very short time we enrich our Report in much depot knowledge with great devotion. Thank you for your kind co-operation and time.

Sincerely yours, (On behalf of Group) Marketing Plan By Shamans At first we would like to thanks our most honorable course teacher ..... Who has cordially helped us to prepare the task easily by giving wholesome ideas about the topic. We also like to express our heartiest gratitude for her valuable time, guideline, cooperation and consideration extended to us in preparing this Report. We are very grateful to her for giving us such a topic for work, which is very useful to expand our knowledge and ideas and practical experiences.

We would like to mention the great support that we have got from our group members and fellow friends who have hared their knowledge and experience about the required topic of the Report. There is lots of knowledge we have gathered during the making of this Report. However, it was a great opportunity for us to know about various kinds of knowledge as many of the information about the topic was unknown to us. Executive Summary As a market leader, Gramophone is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its products and services.

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Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services. Because, the company knows in near future, voice based services will reach to the maturity stage which will make the business growth constant to mom extents. Hence, the company is trying to maintain the leading position in non- voices services as well like SMS, Push-pull, and Information related services at the early growing stage. These services are working as a building block to increase Gap's service value. Coming up with innovative service is easier than making subscribers aware of services.

Hence through we have tried to analyze the present situation of the cellular phone industry in Bangladesh and Gaps position there in, find out the services that Grahame phone is presently providing to its valued customers ; their satisfaction level. 5 million people out of 140 million total citizen of Bangladesh are presently using cell phone; it means that out of every 9 people one is using cell phone. In the third world country like Bangladesh the amount of users is amazing. Gramophone holds almost 61% market share of telecoms industry that is out of every 10 users 6 belongs to Gramophone.

So Gramophone marketing strategy should be "Profitable growth & expanding market share through satisfying existing customers". I have also made a comparative service analysis of various cellular phone companies in Bangladesh and drawn some valuable recommendation o Gramophone to be the market leader in future in this competitive market. A comprehensive study was conducted to know about Gaps marketing mix (APS), Competitors, Its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities ; Threats, and present position in the market and its present service condition that is providing to its valued customers.

Therefore shows that Grahame phone is still a market leader in this industry but as it is becoming more competitive day by day so Grahame phone should revise its service packages, quality with more conveniently for the customers. Among the other cellular phone companies Gramophone has some unique nominative advantages in this industry in Bangladesh so if it is possible for GAP to provide better services with continuous innovative products it will add value to the success. Table of Content Title I Page No. I Letter of transmittal I Acknowledgement I Executive summery I iii.

It became the first operator to reach the million subscriber milestone as well as ten million subscriber milestones in Bangladesh. With more than 27 million subscribers (as of October 2010), Gramophone is the largest cellular operator in the country. It has received a license for cellular phone operation in Bangladesh from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on November 28, 1996. And it get started their operations on March 26, 1997, celebration of The Independence Day in Bangladesh. The shareholders of Gramophone contribute their unique, in-depth experience in both telecommunications and development.

It is a Joint venture enterprise between Telethon (55. 8%), the largest telecommunications service provider in Norway with mobile phone operations in 12 other countries, and Grahame Telecoms Corporation (34. 2% a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micro-credit pioneer Grahame Bank. The other 10% shares belong to general retail and institutional investors. The technological know-how and managerial expertise of Telethon has been instrumental in setting up such an international standard mobile phone operation in Bangladesh.

Being one of the pioneers in developing the GSM service in Europe, Telethon has also helped to transfer this knowledge to the local employees over the years The international shareholder provides a presence throughout Bangladesh and a deep understanding of its economy. Both are dedicated to Bangladesh and its struggle for economic progress and have a deep commitment to Gramophone and its mission to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. Gramophone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh.

It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Stay Close, stated goal of Gramophone is to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. A connection exists between every person regardless of the distance that separates. And each person is designed to seek out those connections, to stay in touch. Gramophone serves as that correlating string that connects thousands of people across the country, across the world. It makes the daunting physicality of distance and time trivial.

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