Marketing Plan for Harvey Norman

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MARKETING PROPOSAL 1. Introduction. Computers and Electronics is a booming industry with technology enhancing rapidly and products available not only in the marketplace but also in market space i. e. E-Commerce. Online market is growing day by day with many taking advantage to compare the best process available for products. Harvey Norman will need to embrace and collaborate E-Commerce as competition is Fierce and Harvey Norman is stepping late into this booming online industry. 2. Brief background of the relationship between Harvey Norman and the industry context.

Harvey Norman is a main brand name in the three brand names under Harvey Norman Holding Limited. It is an Australian Retailer Giant that comprises of Electrical, Computers and Communication, Furniture and Home Improvements etc. In October 1982, it was established by Gerry Harvey and Ian Norman. Harvey Norman stores operate on a global scale, with 185 stores based all over Australia and 72 stores in other countries i. e. Ireland (14 stores), New Zealand (31 stores), Slovenia (5 stores), Singapore (13 stores) and Malaysia (7 stores), Northern Ireland (2 stores) at 31st December 2011. (Harveynormanholdings, n. d) 2. 1.

Main current competitors. - Dick Smith. (The Sydney morning herald, 2012) - JB Hi-fi. (The Sydney morning herald, 2012) - Good Guys which is now well on the way to becoming a retail icon in Australia. (The good guys, n. d) 2. 2. Future competitors. - Kogan which is Australia’s largest online retailer (Milman, O, n. d) 3. Description of service and product. Harvey Norman is the largest retailer of computer hardware and software products in Australia. It also retails other products such as electrical goods, furniture, carpet and flooring, bedding and manchester, small appliances, lighting, home improvements and bathroom hardware. Ibisworld, 2012) 4. Target market. Harvey Norman operates on a Business to Consumer business model where goods are sold directly to the consumers, available from the stores. Every market is different; therefore Harvey Norman has designed itself specifically to appeal different target markets. However, the majority income of the company is generated from Furniture Retailing in Australia industry; therefore, the target market is families. 5. Customer value. - Firstly, the very latest products are deliberately showcased in all stores. Secondly, price skimming before commencing a series of discounts. Include extra features such as extended warranties and easy ? nance. - Thirdly, superstores locate in major malls and new stores position in growing regional centers. 6. Recommendations to senior management - Management culture needs to change to adapt with the new online industry. Creating an attractive and friendly web site is vital so that customers can access the information about products from Harvey Norman and buy the products everywhere and whenever they want instead of coming to the stores. Developing sustainability plan is essential for the company’s sustainable development. References Harveynormanholdings (n. d). Harvey Norman company profile. Harveynormanholdings. com. au. Retrieved 4th April, 2013 from http://harveynormanholdings. com. au/pdf_files/Company_Profile_2012. pdf Ibisworld (2012). Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd - Premium Company Report Australia. Ibisworld. com. au. Retrieved 6th April 2013 from http://www. ibisworld. com. au/car/environment. aspx? entid=3662 Milman, O (n. d). Kogan escalates battle with Harvey Norman with new range.

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